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    I’ve got this sturdy, little chunk of stainless steel that just sits locked-up so I think that it’s time to send it off to a new home. I’ve enjoyed shooting it, but I’m obsessed with getting a rifle to add to my collection of pistols & shotguns!

    It was purchased new last year in hopes that my wife would CC it, but believe it or not, she'd rather shoot and carry her larger G35. We've put a total of approximately 60 flawless rounds through it since new.

    This is the heftier version of the Kahr PM9 & PM40 so you are looking at one of the smallest .40's on the market. Everything that comes with it is as follows:

    Heinie-style “golf-ball” sights
    5-rd Mag
    6-rd Mag with finger extension
    Case with Cleaning Kit

    Cash Price: $600 o.b.o.

    Only Trades I’d Consider: AK-74 5.45x39mm or AK .308

    I went through all the heck of buying this handgun with shipping and FFL transfers which added up to over $700, so all you need to do is buy without worrying about the gubment knowing about it. I’m in Arlington and can meet the interested party within 40 miles of here depending on where you want to meet. I will need to see your WA DL/ID and CPL.

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