Kahr K9, wood grips, two mags, box ***Traded***

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    The Kahr has been traded, pending a meeting with the other forum member.

    Selling off a couple of items that are turning into safe queens...

    For sale is a Kahr K9. The K9 is an all-stainless, single-stack 9mm pistol. This gun is in excellent condition, with only a few light scuffs in the finish. The scuffs are on the left side of the slide and are tough to photograph; you have to hold it the gun up to the light to see them. I’m not the original owner of this gun, so I don’t know it’s exact round count. I would guess that it’s probably seen several hundred rounds over it’s life.

    Include with the gun are:
    - One 7-rd mag
    - One 8-rd mag
    - Original box, manuals
    - Wood grips (shown in photos)
    - Original rubberized grips

    Price: $550 FTF near Bellevue. I’m also happy to ship FFL to FFL for an extra $35.

    - Glock 19 + cash
    - S&W M&P9c + cash
    - Browning Hi-Power
    - 1911, commander or other compact model.
    - Marlin .357 lever action rifle + cash
    - Ruger Mini-14

    Thanks for looking!



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