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    A portion of all sales will be donated to OFF the individual recall efforts in Oregon, and NWFA and maybe the NRA if I feel extra generous. As of right now I feel that focusing my limited funds in Oregon is my priority.

    So, after visiting and calling several local gun shops today I decided that I am going through the safe and listing anything I might possible think about moving in the future before we have UBC, for the weekend. I have two ar's, rifles, handguns and a shotgun listed in their respective forums also. If these don't sell, I don't want to deal with FFL's and these will just go back in the safe.

    All sales have to be completed by Sunday (5-3-15) at 7pm. FTF Gresham Fred Meyer or willing to travel some for the right deal or if I can schedule multiple deals at same time and location.

    A look at Oregon state ID and Bill of sale for my records.

    Pics on my phone and can be emailed or text, I will try to get them up by Saturday afternoon.

    Kahr CM9
    Bought it new about a year ago and took it out of the cheap cardboard box and set it in the safe, has sat there ever since. $325 Firm

    Glock 9mm
    Don't know....

    Trade interests are limited and plus cash from you to even up the deal if needed.

    300 aac upper

    Sig 229r 9mm

    Glock Gen 4 23

    KSG(Black or OD maybe other)

    Benelli Supernova tactical

    Marlin 30-30 JM stamped and no safety

    Maybe 308 rifle
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