K-31 with tiger stripe stock and 7.5x55 ammo

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by NoAim, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Schmidt Rubin K-31 - $280

    Good condition Schmidt Rubin K-31 rifle in 7.5x55 Swiss.
    Rare Tiger-striped walnut stock.
    All matching numbers (including magazine and stock).
    No soldier tag.
    Currently has Mojo adjustable peep sight installed (non-permanent). Original sight can be replaced easily if so desired (and comes with rifle).

    In short, these are awesome surplus rifles. 1-1.5MOA accuracy with Swiss surplus ammo (I've done it), super fast straight pull bolt action. This one is in very good condition, with a nice tiger striped stock.

    More pictures here: http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb265/NoAim69/For Sale/K-31/

    Make: Schmidt Rubin
    Model: K-31
    Year: 1943
    Caliber: 7.5x55 Swiss
    Condition: 80% bluing. Wood is tiger stripe beech in better than average condition (no cracks/fills/patches). Action is very good. Rifling and accuracy is excellent (1-1.5MOA)

    * Rifle
    * 2 stripper clips
    * Mojo peep rear sight
    * Original leaf rear sight

    Other Accessories:
    * Extra Stripper clips = 13 @ $1.50/ea.
    * Surplus GP11 7.5x55 ammo (berdan primed) = 630 rds. @ $550/1K (3x 180 rd. lots and 1 90rd. lot)
    * Wolf Gold 174gr Copper SP 7.5x55 ammo (boxer primed) = 5 boxes of 20rds. @ $15/ea.
    * St. Marie's clamp on scope mount with 1" rings (http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=6109/sku/Aluminum_K31_Clamp_On_Mount) = $70

    * If interested, contact by PM or noaim69@gmail.com
    * Not interested in trades. Prefer FTF transaction, or can ship to out of state for cost of shipping.
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    WOW! I'm not a milsurp guy, but that is gorgeous!
  3. M.Link

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    If I can come up with the money I will buy this!
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