Justice Dept memo - controls won't work as promised by politicians

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by ATCclears, Feb 19, 2013.

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    We know they won't work, so when they don't work they'll be crying we haven't done enough, we need more restrictions, which don't/won't work and so on till all our rights are gone.
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    Love this line "A National Academy study of firearms and violence concluded that the weaknesses of the ban and the scientific literature suggest that the assault weapon ban did not have an effect on firearm homicides."
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    This has all been out there and reported by the justice department repeatedly for 10+ years now. The Media, (Including FOX) consistently refuses to widely circulate the information.

    Every time I debate an anti, and every time I cover gun control in my classes, I make a point to cite ONLY peer-reviewed research or U.S. govt. reports. I don't quote the NRA or other advocacy groups, make appeals to the constitution, any any hyperbolic statements.

    Using only this data, none of which is subject to debate by any serious person, the case for gun control IN THE U.S. boils down to:

    Either repeal the second amendment and confiscate them all or you are urinating in the wind. And EVEN THEN, your effects might reduce murders, with based on other countries' experiences, likely very bad effects on overall violent crime rates. and this is taking the most rosy of views. The effects only get less appealing from there.

    Gun control in the U.S. as a method of crime reduction is impossible to implement, culturally and politically, at a level that even under the most rosy of scenarios would have any measurable effect. Half-measures wouldn't produce half-results. They'd merely have the effect of turning millions of law-abiding good guys into criminals and cement the issue so solidly that you'd have a permanent 50+million voters dedicated to nothing but undoing them and unseating anyone who supported them.

    Gun control is a practical waste of time, politically poisonous to the entire country and the Democrats are pushing whole-hog for it. -Thereby guaranteeing their un-electability in lots of places where they might otherwise be viable, making even the dunderheads currently in control of the GOP a permanent majority in the house and a serious threat to the senate for years to come.

    It's bad politics, bad policy and just a plain old bad idea.

    Any Democrat who thinks this is a good idea needs to have their head examined.

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