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    The Rifle:
    One owner low mileage
    Left handed
    Chambered in .30-06
    24” one in ten twist sporter barrel
    Mauser type controlled feed action
    Serial# G876xxx
    Blued finish- American walnut stock
    Purchased new 16 September 2004

    The Extras:
    Camo pattern padded hunting sling
    Cabellla Padded shoulder protector for target/sighting
    Cabella padded shooting jacket – ambidextrous size 2XL reg.
    150+ loaded rounds some Woodleigh 180 gr soft nose bullets, Some Berger 168 gr, a few Combined technology 150 gr.
    4 – 50 round ammo boxes
    1– Forster FL sizing die
    1– Forster bushing/bump neck sizer die
    1– Forster bullet seating die
    6– bushings for the neck die
    Box for the Forster stuff
    1-set 1” scope rings
    1– Mueller 8.5 –25 x 50mm 1/8 MOA red dot reticle center scope
    Original shipping box and paperwork for the rifle
    “ “ “ For the scope
    1– hard plastic rifle case

    This rifle was made when Winchester (or whoever owned the name at the time) had been stung to the point of rage by the old “pre 64 70s were better” BS and produced this rifle on CNC to previously unheard of (for Winchester) close tolerances. Consequently, this run of 70s were tighter and shot more accurately than any before. Unfortunately, no one was paying much attention having written off the 70 and Winchester as dead issues. Also the extremely tight tolerances showed up to most users as being a sluggish bolt throw and was deemed a defect if one needed a quick follow up to a missed shot. I bought it to go hunting at longer ranges than the rifle I had was capable of handling. Injuries foiled my plans. My hunting rifles are doing no one any good sitting in the gun safe, so…….

    My rifle has had fewer than 300 rounds shot through it–just enough to find out what works best in it–better than new–broken in!!! I will take the best offer over $900.00 for the complete package above. If you only want the rifle and the box it came in I will take the best offer over $899.00…………………….remember this is a rifle for left handed or left dominant eye shooters.

    I also have a 1981 Winchester model 94 in .30-30 I will consider selling if offered the right price. I bought it used, it has some slight rust pitting on the outside of the receiver but it shoots great and is squeaky claen inside according to my borescope.

    Cash only (this means dollar bills) at Capitol city rifle club, between Olympia, WA and Rochester, WA. I will be happy to demonstrate the rifles for you before you buy at $10 per shot at 200 yards. I have not shot it for 3 or 4 years, so a few sighters may be required…………….The 70 shoots 1/4 MOA in the right hands with the right loads and the 94 will hit the 200 yard gong (8” I believe) as well. I just had the 94 out the first week of August and it still shoots as advertized…..

    Contact amamnn2@yahoo.com
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    For Sale Ads (a.k.a. WTS) All for sale ads are required to have a price listed. If you don't know what it's worth, list what you'll take for it.

    We do not do auctions here.

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    what does this mean? your offering to demonstrate shooting a rifle for sale at a cost of ten dollars per shot?

    for a cost of ten dollars I would be happy to teach you how to write an ad where your item sells and people don't make fun of you.
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