'Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything': Parents frustrated with 'unprepared' police outside Texas school shooting debated storming the building THEMSELVES as gunman holed up inside for 90 minutes​

  • Footage has emerged showing the panic-stricken parents of the Texas schoolchildren screaming at law enforcement to enter the school
  • It was unclear whether the footage was shot during the shooting, or after the event when the gunman was already dead
  • Questions are being asked as to why it took 90 minutes between the first 911 call and the gunman being shot dead
MORE on the link.


MORE came out on Wednesday and on Wednesday evening.

Timelines show 60 to 90 minutes or so. I have NO clue what is accurate there or not since I was NOT there in person.


The Facebook garbage posts came out as some of you already know on Wednesday too. When I posted many pages back that information was NOT discovered and/or released yet but those other links were available.

The people who wrote that the Mother of the murderer was going to be evicted from the Grandmother's other house is true. Apparently the Mother is a drug addict.

NO news anywhere as I previously wrote about the Father of the murderer. Maybe she had no clue which man got her pregnant if she had multiple sex partners? Beats me.

The Grandfather was already mentioned in THIS thread and he is a felon. What he did for his past crime - I have no clue. But he did STATE on record/film and in transcripts that he would have turned in his grandson due to him not being allowed to have GUNS INSIDE of his home. So he would be protecting his butt and doing the right thing according to the 'law'. Plus he stated that he did not like guns and all of the news about shooting and crime.

The downfall of the young man including more news on Wednesday about his self mutilation - cutting his face has been backed up. Plus the OTHER stuff that I wrote previously before the cutting came out in the news. Old friends and new friends and people who STOPPED being his friend due to his erratic and changing behavior.

I am shocked that the Grandmother who got shot in the FACE is alive. What type of head wound she had or maybe the bullet or bullets grazed her but I read that it was in her face and basically her forehead. I have NO clue about the exact details of that since I did not seriously HUNT it all down in national and international news online.

Here the GRANDMOTHER TOOK IN THE MURDERER when the Mother did not want him around and he SHOOTS her! She gave him a place to stay! And the POLICE had been around the young man and the Mother many times due to their fights and other salami.

IT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF EVIL (Sane or insane calculating EVIL!) to shoot his Grandmother who was trying to help him and maybe discipline him for his own good. Plus she even took him out for his birthday!

And it is even a WORSE TYPE OF EVIL, a whole different level, and a preplanned sicko piece of pathetic DNA to CHOOSE to go in and MURDER LITTLE CHILDREN, teachers, etc. They still have MANY WOUNDED from what I read in several papers online. SO add that salami to the list!

The TEXAS radio station that I mentioned many pages back had on the complete Governor's news conference plus the boob tube showed some of it.

There are several LINKS on You Tube if you want to see the complete thing. It shows another flip flopper there - Francis aka Beto. Beto = fake name for a fake person. That has been mentioned here by a couple of posters.

A man in this thread asked about the shooter buying guns legally and not having a DL. He did not own a car and he had NO driver's license. That is TRUE. He must have had a TEXAS state id card.

He did buy his guns LEGALLY. Two rifles. I put up a link for them previously.

He did buy his ammunition but I thought that he bought that locally and NOT online (Someone said it was bought ONLINE on this thread.) but I could be wrong there. I did NOT study where he bought the ammo. So if he bought it ONLINE - did he have his OWN card? It must have been shipped pretty FAST if you look at the time frame from a to z. I thought it was a LOCAL AMMO purchase.

A person can buy a gun with a State ID card. When I bought guns - I used my DL. I no longer drive but when I stopped driving - I made sure that I had my State ID card asap. I needed my State ID card for all of my misc. financial, banking, and many other purposes in life.

May the wounded heal. May the dead rest in peace.

Condolences and prayers are being said for all concerned.

Old Lady Cate

Here is something else that I am confused about.

Who took him or DROVE him to buy his rifles? A friend from work or some stranger? He did not have many friends or was liked at his job from what I read. NO clue if that is ALL totally true or not.

Did he WALK to and from the gun store?

When he came 'home' to his Grandmother's house, how did he WALK IN with his rifles, armor, all of those EXTRA magazines, ammo, etc. at DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY and on different days without any person seeing him?

TWO rifles were bought on 2 different days if my memory serves me right now from the 'news' online. IF it was at night and he got off LATE - did he sneak it all in? BUT where did he KEEP a rifle before he SNUCK IT IN AT NIGHT if he did do that? IN someone's vehicle at his job?

PLUS if the ammo was shipped (?) to the home as one poster said, ammo gets delivered to a HOME so someone would SEE that for sure at any TIME OF DAY! Does ammo delivered to a HOME have to be SIGNED FOR?

I NEVER bought ammo online. We buy RF ammo and a BIT of CF ammo in person locally. My husband's other ammo is all reloaded by him. I bought my ammunition IN PERSON back east and out here.

I still think that he bought the ammo in person LOCALLY but I could be wrong and IF I am wrong - apologies.

The grandparents did NOT go into his room or did he HIDE IT all super well? The Grandfather said that he did NOT KNOW about any firearms being in the house, etc.


Where did he go to shoot - learn or practice how to shoot BEFORE he murdered all of those people? A range or on BLM land?

BEFORE he bought the rifles, did any of you posters READ where or even IF any of his friends, former friends or any other person, LET HIM TRY OUT THEIR GUNS close to his hometown?

It seems ODD that he bought all of these things and he did NOT drive or own a car and he just WALKED to and from home with newly bought rifles which are NOT easy to HIDE even if you leave the BOX at the store and take the rifle with you.

Curious Cate
Horrifying! And the reaction of perpetual candidate Kennedy-look-alike Robert O'Rourke, the wanna-be Hispanic, disgusting and wicked... God be with all the families and folks shattered by this act, may the Almighty grant them peace in their time of sorrow. The shooter, Salvadore Ramos, a disaffected non-white resident of the Uvalde area was slain by police at the scene. A PITY that he wasn't taken ALIVE! Many questions might have been answered.
Last Edited:
“Safe” I will never depend on the Government for anything. Especially for the safety of my family and I.
Whatever our feelings in the matter, we all are dependent on government for day-to-day safety. That's why we have a Constitution granting power to, and limiting the powers of the Federal govt, and outlining it's duties. That's why we have police, military, firemen, border control and a host of other things. A world or a country without law and order soon descends into a Somali-type anarchic situation, where only the strong make the rules and everyone else is weak and potential prey.
That is why many folks push to Arm the teachers or office staff. I am for it and there are many groups that do offer free training and even equipment for them to do so.

Or we could just ban guns you know like we did with drugs and we even went as far as creating an amendment to ban Alcohol and it worked out so well it caused a crime wave and the 1934 NFA act before it was repealed.

Not one of those laws on the books has slowed down any crime in my opinion so until you can change the hearts and minds of folks to do good and not evil it will continue.
Teachers didn’t sign up for being security. It’s an easy argument to make and defend. If my employer told me in addition to my normal job duties, I’d also need to undergo security training and be responsible for that, I’d tell them to take a hike and hire a security guard.
One thing I forgot about personally, and maybe some people here did as well, is that after the Parkland school shooting in Florida a few years ago, the Republicans in the state banned people under 21 from being able to purchase rifles. It was signed by Rick Scott, current GOP senator in Florida.


Just in -

Texas shooter's mum makes shock claim about son​

26 May 2022, 6:55 am
The mother of the teenager who shot and killed 21 people at the elementary school in Texas has spoken out following the massacre, claiming her son was not a "violent" person.
Horrifying details about the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas continue to emerge.
At the school, 19 students and two teachers were murdered by the gunman who has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.
Shortly before Ramos opened fire at the school, he shot his grandmother, Celia Gonzalez, in the face, however, she survived and called the police.
Ms Gonzalez remains in hospital, with her daughter Ramos's mother Adriana Reyes, by her side.
Adriana Reyes claims her son Salvador Ramos was not violent after he was identified as the gunman who killed 21 people at a school in Texas. Source: Facebook via the Daily Mail/ABC News
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, Ms Reyes reportedly said her son didn't have many friends and kept to himself, and she said she was surprised Ramos committed such an atrocity.
"My son wasn't a violent person. I'm surprised by what he did," she said from her mother's hospital bed.
"I pray for those families. I'm praying for all of those innocent children, yes I am. They [the children] had no part in this."
Ms Reyes also said she had a good relationship with her son, who lived with Ms Gonzalez and the last time she spoke to him was on his birthday on May 16.
Ramos purchased his weapons for his 18th birthday, and bought them just two days before the massacre, ABC News reported.
The 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children at Robb Elementary School. Source: EPA
Rolando Reyes, 72, Ramos's grandfather said he was oblivious to the weapons.
Reyes is a felon, ABC News reported, so having firearms in his home is illegal and he claims if he knew, he would have turned his grandson in.
He also told the news station there were no signs of anything unusual on the day of the shooting, though Ramos reportedly had a small argument with Ms Gonzalez over a phone bill.

The 'only' warning sign​

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said online messages shared by Ramos were the only warning sign, as he did not appear to have a criminal record, or a history with mental health problems.
A spokesperson for Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms said Ramos sent private messages which were only discovered after the shooting.
The company declined to say who received the messages or which of Meta's platforms, such as Messenger or Instagram, was used to send them.
Ramos barricaded himself in a fourth-grade classroom, killing the students and teacher before he was fatally shot by a US Border Patrol officer, Mr Abbott said.
The online messages were sent minutes before the attack.
The school children were killed alongside two fourth-grade teachers. Source: AP Photo

Change in the wake of the massacre is 'unlikely'​

The attack was the deadliest school shooting in the US since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.
The Uvalde tragedy was the latest in a seemingly unending wave of mass shootings across the US in recent years.
Just 10 days earlier, 10 Black people were shot to death in a racist attack at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket carried out by an avowed white supremacist.

Despite outrage over the school shooting in Texas, it's unlikely legislation will be introduced to prevent future tragedies. Source: AP
The shooting came days before the National Rifle Association annual convention was set to begin in Houston, with the Texas governor and both of the state’s Republican US senators scheduled to speak.
Texas has some of the country's most permissive firearm laws.
Despite President Joe Biden questioning when politicians will stand up to the gun lobby, it's unlikely new legislation will pass in Washington.
Virtually all Republicans in Congress oppose new gun restrictions, citing the US Constitution's guarantee of a right to bear arms, and there was no sign the massacre would alter that position.

Also on CNN news right now - Paramedic finds that one of the dead children is his daughter - I can't post it here because I'm not in the USA.


Also on CNN news right now - Paramedic finds that one of the dead children is his daughter - I can't post it here because I'm not in the USA.
That really sucks. Damn.

Are you not allowed some how to post from the UK about such things...?


Can’t fix that human condition to commit murder, remember Cain killed Abel with a stone. The problem is the heart….
Not entirely, but there is something different about the last several years compared to when I was younger. I get being unaware as a child, and it's only been the last few decades that we have has instantaneous news.

At one point in time if you had a difference of opinion with someone you couldn't get over then you simply agreed to disagree and might otherwise be friends or at least social with each other. Today in most social circles if you deviate by a hair you are the enemy and must be destroyed.

We are also divided in multiple categories: men vs women, white vs non white, city vs country, R vs D, liberal vs conservative, left vs right, cisgendered vs make up your own gender and many many more. We have been taught that for each group it's a zero sum game, so women can't gain without men losing for example.

Combine the divisive manipulation with the people that we used to institutionalize but are now left to their own devices and we are dumping gas on a fire.

I don't know the full solution, but we need politicians, news agencies, and social media propagandists to stop politicizing everything while they gaslight as they co along.
My school had a "Shooting Club", hunting rifles displayed in pickup truck back windows out in the parking lot and my first pistol was purchased right out in the open during 9th grade math class.

Nobody would have dreamed someone would start shooting at students.

Something changed in the last four decades and it certainly is not how a gun works.
My school had a "Shooting Club", hunting rifles displayed in pickup truck back windows out in the parking lot and my first pistol was purchased right out in the open during 9th grade math class.

Nobody would have dreamed someone would start shooting at students.

Something changed in the last four decades and it certainly is not how a gun works.
The internet allows disturbed people to find other disturbed people a thousand miles away, so they can find support and audience for their stupid ideas.

People brought deer rifles to school when I was in school too. Some of the teachers would go out to the parking lot and talk about hunting with the kids. Nobody was ever killed.


Teachers didn’t sign up for being security. It’s an easy argument to make and defend. If my employer told me in addition to my normal job duties, I’d also need to undergo security training and be responsible for that, I’d tell them to take a hike and hire a security guard.
Nobody is forcing anybody to do any thing. It is a volunteer program as it should be the same with a cop or military, no one forced them to put on the uniform they chose to do it on their own.

Its all Voluntary.
Something changed in the last four decades and it certainly is not how a gun works.
Exactly. This is the real issue. Focusing on the gun is misdirection that will not lead to a solution. The focus needs to be on how people are being raised in America. Which means the unwelcome message, the true bottom line is this: parents are the heart of the problem.

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