Just had a very questionable gun selling experience. Any advice?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by NoLimePlease, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. NoLimePlease

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    Ive been wanting to get a new striker fired 9mm with external safety for a while now to replace my G19. So when I heard that Sig just released the P320 with external safety, I was all over it. Went to my friendly local firearms store in Milwaukie to make a deal happen, as they have said pistol in stock.
    My Idea was to trade in my Near Mint G19 as well as Near Mint Matching KelTec Sub 2K. The Glock has been updated with Trijicon Hi-Vis glow dots, front and rear. And a sweet Talon grip skin. The Kel-Tec has is a very rare Nickle-Boron finish, and is the G19 model. Ultra low round count.
    So my friendly neighborhood gun shop, after minimal inspection and even less apathy told me that they would give me $450 for the pair of guns. In trade. Funny, I said. Was it even two years ago that I gave you $1200 for these same guns, right here? She said that she understood my plight, we wished each other a fine day and parted ways. And yes, I left with which I came!
    Now this is where things get interesting.
    As I am walking down the steps, dazed and confused by the raping that I just avoided... I notice a huge guy has just followed me out! 7 feet tall! And he’s trying to talk to me! Very very weird, what the hell is going on? Oh, he want to know what I want for my guns. I have to think quickly, so much is going through my head right now... such as; this is a big dude! Is this ok? We haven’t even gotten off the steps! This guy is huge! How much money would be worth doing a shady feeling gun deal on the steps of the establishment that I have been doing business with for years? This guy is very conspicuos, and very tall.
    Ok, my wits come about me now after all this craziness goes through my head. We move over to the side of the parking lot where he is parked, I show him my merchandise. He asks again what I want for them, and he doesn’t hesitate a bit when I say I was hoping to get $700 for the pair. He’ll take them. Ok, I say. But I will not sell without the BG check. Absolutely no way. He says that’s not a problem, and that he will give me $100 to hold them until we can do the check. I said that would be ok, and remind him again that I won’t do the sale without it.
    We exchange numbers, chat a little about where we work, and say our goodbyes. I go back to my car, he goes back into the gun store!
    So thanks for reading my rambling dialog of how this all went down, but believe me it feels very accurate for how it went down in my brain. I was totally sideswipe by this guy, and still have a icky feeling about it for the many different reasons I already stated. Plus the fact that I have two fifty dollar bills that don’t belong to me, and that we still need to perform Oregon’s stupid background check before this can be done.

    Any thoughts?
    Any advice?
    Is this ok, or should I watch for something?


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  2. slimmer13

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    You didn't do anything wrong, so what's the issue? If he flakes out, your up $100.

    As far as the LGS, I wouldn't do business with a shop that won't give you 75% of what they are going to sell them for, and be up front about it.
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  3. DuneHopper

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    I don't see anything wrong, no laws or anything.
    Taking a deposit on a potential gun sale is perfectly fine.

    Me, I don't do sales with people I do not know, or know their reputation,
    if those two are missing then a CC only, minus that I wont.

    Why you ask?
    Its more rare then a gold penny, but I would not want to sell a gun to someone legally that used it in a bad thing later.
    I know its rare, but its just me, kinda like selling my old truck, passed on allot of money for my truck based solely because they
    didn't respect the truck, and or I didn't like them. I know many are hey their money is green i'm good, me its just how I am wired I guess. But thats another story for DR Phil lol
  4. STUKA

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    Sounds like the same shop that I avoid like the plague even though its within walking distance of my house.

    As for the guy asking about the sale, I dont think it's too weird.
    He overheard them lowballing you and was interested. Pretty simple really. I've done it at gun shows,garage sales,swap meets,etc.
    As long as he does the BGC,no big deal.
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  5. No_Regerts

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    I would ONLY sell to him, not someone else. That would seem like he needed to find a straw buyer. It may be that he has something on consignment to sell first or is waiting for a CC permit to do the pistol purchase. I tried to sell to a guy ONCE who didn’t have a CC permit and left the gun at a store pending the BGC, which was 100 miles from home. He failed and I had to go it and have another BGC to get my gun back from the FFL.
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  6. OldTengu

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    I agree with @STUKA, likely a fella who knows pawn shops that low-ball, and lays in wait for someone who's got desirable items, and after they've been offered a bad deal, they offer a better one.
    Done it myself as well.
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  7. Certaindeaf

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    Sounds like a win-win. I see nothing "shady" about it whatsoever.
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  8. DLS

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    Why didn't you just go right back into the LGS and do a BCG on the spot?

    I don't see anything shady here … all you did was take a deposit, no transaction has occurred. If I was in the tall guys shoes and saw someone trying to sell something I'm interested in I'd approach you as well.
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  9. MEP1000

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    Nothing shaddy with that deal. You would get money you wanted and he would get the guns cheaper than the gun store would have resold them for. Shoulda ran back inside and finished everything up haha :D
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  10. DB Wesner

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    Nothing wrong with what you've done that I can see. Sadly gun prices right now seem soft, so you're not likely to see top prices for your wares.
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  11. Dyjital

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    I’ve wanted to follow people out of a shop like that and buy what they tried to pawn but never did.

    Good for you for stopping.

    Hope it all goes through fine.
  12. DuneHopper

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    Ive done the opposite saw some one bring in a firearm, and I bought it from the store minutes later if I recal, but was something I was looking for.
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  13. Mikej

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    I think that particular store...:rolleyes:...might charge like $50.00, or more for the transfer. I'd be a bit creeped out if some total stranger came at me like that. Selling/buying from folks here seems different being there's the rating system and all. Did dude say how long you're supposed to hold the guns for him?

    Money market Pawn on Powell at 120th or so charges $30.00 out the door.
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  14. Ruger Rich

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    Some years ago I was hangin' in a Portland pawn shop sniffin" around. A guy comes in with a fly rod, split bamboo, hand fashioned, (some guy in Dunsmuir) and in perfect shape. He asked the counter guy for $10 and they offered $5. He left with me right behind. I whipped a $10 out and handed it over, right in front of the pawn shop door. It's a beauty and I still have it.
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  15. Reno

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    Ya, it’s a little weird to take a deposit for a private transaction, but not super weird. As long as he pays the rest and passes a background check, I’d be fine with it.

    The whole getting freaked out about the dealer offering nearly 1/2 the value for your guns. That’s called business. Most FFLs are in the business of buying low and selling high. What good would it do the dealer to buy your guns from you at market value? Where would they make any money?
  16. slimmer13

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    Standard rate for a reputable dealer is 75% of potential sale price like I said.

    They would probably resell those two guns for around $400 each, so the offer should be around $600 for the pair.
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  17. xlsbob

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    I've bought several guns over the years from people in gun stores that didn't like what they were offered by the store. Once the deal with the store is dead it's fair game. All it ever took was asking how much they were looking for out of it and usually it wasn't much more than they had been offered. Of course I've never been mistaken for bigfoot either though.
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  18. v0lcom13sn0w

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    weird. i would think “the gunshop in milwaukee with the steps”(we all know which shop that is or can assume lol) would give you more for both guns.

    no laws broken. good on you for not taking a loss and hey, if they guy flakes youre up $100
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  19. clearconscience

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    $700 for both!! Thats a smoking price!
    I would have paid more.
    No wonder the guy jumped on it.
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  20. Flopsweat

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    I bought a gun case that way once. Fellow brought an AR into a gun store trying to sell it. Store owner had literally hundreds of ARs in the store - he'd just made a bulk purchase. He told the guy that he really couldn't give him a good price for it and didn't want the case at all. It was a nice case - not a Pelican but still really well made. Eventually the guy sold the rifle to the store at a sadly low price. On his way out I asked him what he would take for the case. He said he didn't know. I said I have $40 in cash right here. He said what about $60. I said sure. The case was easily worth $80 used - it was pristine and still had the tags on it. My friend the store owner didn't bat an eye. Just told us to complete the transaction outside the store. He's not shy - If it wasn't cool he'd have said something. So I think as long as the guy can pass a background check and doesn't say or do anything to make you think it's an illegal sale, go for it.

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