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Just getting Started

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Iansstud, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Iansstud

    Iansstud SW WA / PDX Member

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    Im looking to reload 40super, 45auto, and 308.

    The 308 And 40 super both use Large Rifle Primers

    I am getting a Lee hand loader kit in the mail soon, with 45 dies, I already have 40 super dies, bullets, and brass, so I should be getting ready to go!

    I plan on using info from this site

    1-When I go to the store next I will buy a reloading bible, whats the best one for a Newb?

    2-Could you recomend a good powder for 308 (for use with Remington 700 and FAL rifles)

    3-Could you recomend a good powder for both the 40 super and 45auto?

    4-are all primers about the same? or is one way better?

    5-do you know of a better website for reloading?

    6-does this look like a good 308 die

  2. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    You need to buy at least one published reloading manual. I like Lyman from a beginners outlook, but every one has valuable hand loading information. If you can afford two, that's even better. Always take loading information from a source you know and trust.

    The die set looks like an ok deal, but you still need a shell holder. .308 and .45 use the same shell holder, though. fyi.:thumbup:
  3. jquirit

    jquirit Forest Grove, OR Member

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    I second what orygun said. Get a library card, put in a request for a copy of "The ABCs of Reloading" to be transferred and held for you. Read it from cover to cover. Read it again a few more times.

    I'm doing that right now and it's proving to be very enlightening. Even though most of it (on the cover, at least) is all Hornady stuff, they do a good job of keeping it basic and not pushing the equipment too hard (they do cover the differences between a single and progressive press, etc). It's nice to have photos for each step in the process, and it being explained why each step is being done and to what purpose.
  4. johnboy

    johnboy Hillsboro Member

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    Lyman is really good and I have a couple. It gives a wide range of loads. Just keep it simple to start or you can be overwhelmed. Bottom line is follow 2 or more load books to be safe and compare the same load in two different books (misprints are rare but....) Start with medium loads and slowly work up watching for pressure indicators.....it is not complicated and in time you will have loads that are custom designed for your specific guns......be safe.
  5. Randini

    Randini Salem Member

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    +1 on the Lyman manual good, basic, easy to understand
    I think you will find everyone has a fav. powder I would say try one in the middle as far as burning rate and then as you progress try faster and slower to see what works best in your weapon.
    IMHO all the primers go bang.
    Just ask lots of questions :)
  6. smonk

    smonk Oregon Member

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    If you haven't bought your manual yet, I would recommend the Lee manual - available at Midwayusa.com for about 14.00. The first 1/3 of the book is simple instructions on reloading and the last 2/3 is reloading data..........tons of it! It's a big book!

    If fact, I would recommend that you buy all Lee stuff. It will work as well and sometimes better than others and is much cheaper! The RCBS 30-06 die set above does not include a shell holder - That will cost you about 5.00. The Lee set costs about the same and comes with the shell holder included.

    From my experience, it's Lee all the way!
  7. MWS

    MWS Oregon City,OR Member

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  8. fxdc

    fxdc Da Valley USPSA, SPEED STEEL, IDPA, 3 GUN

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    Get smallbase diet set for the 308/223 cals..... Ordered both myslef they wrk better in semi rilfes and the rcbs AR series comes with a TAPER CRIMP DIE !!!!