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    Looks like I may have found a new home! I've been around guns all my life and have a pretty small collection but I enjoy every aspect of gun ownership. From getting out and putting holes in targets to cleaning to building/modifying my little arsenal, it's a great way to relax.

    I'm also a motorcycle nut so my summers are spent in search of the perfect set of corners and taking road trips to wherever the bike takes me. If any of you are riders, you'll have to hit me up and we can go have some fun. I'm into the sportbikes but I ride with everyone and understand what it takes to make it fun for whomever is on the ride.

    I look forward to meeting some new people on the forum and would be interested in making some new friends to go and shoot with. Since gun ownership can be a bit taboo in some circles, it's nice to find a local spot where I can talk openly with like-minded folks.:thumbup:
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    Welcome PCinPDX
    Motorcycles are dangerous.
    You should find a safer hobby like Nuclear disarmament.

    How ya been buddy? Call me.

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