Just Bought New 9mm M&P, Advice on Apex Trigger/Action Kit?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by 4Freedom, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Hi everyone.. I just bought new M&P 9mm on gunbroker. I think I got a good deal. Paid a total of $620 including shipping , FFL, background check and got the full sized 4.25 9mm M&P law enforcement model, that comes with 3 17rd magazines , Novel-Tritium front and rear night sights as well as a $50 rebate or 2 17rd free magazines (I will choose the latter) from Smith & Wesson. Also, the gun does not have those annoying internal locks and the magazine disconnect safety. Even though the magainze disconnect safety seems like a nice feature to have, I just fear that this type of safety may cause my gun to malfunction when my life depends on it. Anyhow, I got the setup I wanted, never easy to find what I want locally in Oregon.

    I feel like I got a good deal, and avoided the Pro series that came with 1 mag less and had an additional price of around $40 or so.

    My plans right now are on purchasing the APEX M&P Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit (DCAEK) for my M&P 9.

    Unfortunately, I am not very saavy in gunsmithing and really don't have the equipment or knowledge to install the better parts into my gun. What I like to know is how much should a competent gunsmith charge me for installing the parts of the kit? I know some smiths around here can give you the runaround, so I like to know if anyone has had this done or has good ballpark figure? Also, does anyone know any good gunsmiths in the Portland, OR area who is experienced at doing this type of worK? I'd be interested in any referrals people can give me.

    I have heard nothing but praises about the improvement that the Apex kit has made to the M&Ps, many claiming a much superior trigger and reset then even the more spendier and sexier name semi autos. I figure I may hold off on doing this, but was considering maybe just doing it now.
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    Hello 4Freedom,
    I am an owner of a M&P 9. Shortly after I purchased it, I ordered the Apex Hard Sear and Ultimate Striker Block. The installation took about 30 minutes total for both parts. I have no gunsmithing experience other than the basic pistol disassembly. I watched the Youtube videos provided by Randy Lee and was able to install them myself. All you need is a hammer, allen wrench, and a punch. The DCAEK and USB kit will come with a plastic tool to assist in the removal of the rear sight. If only you were near Seattle, I'd help you.

    Good luck,

    Here's the link to my post regarding the Apex parts.

    Apex videos provided by Randy Lee of Apex Tactical

    Hard Sear Install.wmv
    YouTube - Hard Sear Install.wmv

    Ultimate Striker Block
    YouTube - USB Install.wmv

    DCAEK Part 1.wmv
    YouTube - DCAEK Part 1.wmv

    DCAEK Part 2.wmv
    YouTube - DCAEK Part 2.wmv
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    You can get lots of info at mp-pistol forum too. just search APEX. Drop me a line if you get it in! I'm in PDX and a big M&P fan and have been eyeing the APEX gear! Would love to get your take.
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    I just put the full COMP Apex kit in my M&P9 Pro it was easy to do with the help of the youtube videos and made a very big change in the trigger pull, seem to cut it in half ,its not for everyone its a very light trigger.
    The duty kit would be better for carry or home use
    The USB smooths out the trigger pull gets rid of most of the griddy feel.
    The Hard sear moves the striker release back farther in the pull and really helps with reducing overtravel of the trigger, it really improve my grouping.
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    I like the upcoming audible/tactile reset kit coming soon too. It's something that is just a bit too soft on my M&P.

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