They went to the closest hospital ER, where they got a ration of bubblegum for using the TQ, and were told that the ER was not equipped to stop the bleeding, so they drove another 20 minutes to a bigger hospital that took care of the wound. That ER staff told them that the TQ saved his life!
Wow! That's insane! What ER is NOT equipped to stop a major bleed? Isn't that implied in the whole "emergency" part?

I know medical equipment isn’t “sexy” or the instagram fad but it’s important. Not only to carry but to train with and know how to use. IMO if you carry a gun you should be carrying at minimum a TQ on your person as well. The likelihood of using a TQ is much higher than your firearm. Whether it be for yourself or another. You may save a life. Plus a TQ is allowed everywhere that a firearm isn’t.

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