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    Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
    Perhaps the great Ferguson fire still rages as you open this e-letter.One thing that is certain, everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, who has a gun, is glad they have a gun.
    Make that two things. Everyone in Ferguson, who does not have a gun—wishes they had a gun.
    The mayhem President Barack Obama and his merry band of leftwing pranksters whipped up is a horrible reminder of our nation held hostage until Jan. 20, 2017. Businesses, homes, cars all gone up in smoke because the president needed to change the national conversation.
    Looking back over the last six years, there is not a single project, initiative or program launched by Obama, foreign or domestic, that has worked out. No wonder the White House would rather have a small city go ablaze in a old-school race riot than talk about #Benghazi or healthcare.gov.
    Besides that oblivious lesson about gun ownership being a good thing. Let’s hope that Ferguson becomes part of the discussion about background checks.
    Background checks are a bad idea to begin with. The idea that the federal government is involved at all in any firearm transactions is a violation of the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment. There is no other constitutional right that carries the burdens of the right to keep and bear arms. Funny thing is, the Second Amendment clearly said there should be none at all.
    Expanding background checks makes a bad situation worse.
    Putting aside that fact that the running of background checks builds a government database, the system itself is so full of bad and erroneous information that something like 90 percent of denials are reversed.
    In the context of Ferguson, how do background checks, or worse, waiting periods affect the residents living in those neighborhoods about to meet the angry mob and its angry torches? Answer: Not good.
    Members of minority communities are exactly the ones backgrounds checks force into the black market, not so they can rob a bank, but so they can protect themselves, their loves ones and their businesses.
    Waiting period? Please, let me come back in three days after the mob has passed through.
    A waiting period is a death sentence if you need to protect yourself. Anyone who says otherwise is not living in Ferguson.
    In a way, we all live in Ferguson. Just as the liberals used lies and fabrications in one peaceful Missouri city to whip up frenzy, they can and will do it elsewhere—like where you live or where I live. What can be done when lies are put out by the media and then reinforced by the media?
    If the first narrative about the killing of Michael Brown was anywhere close to true, all Americans would have been outraged. Conservative news outlets ferreted out the truth and it got out. But, even today as Ferguson smolders, the myth of the unarmed black teen murdered by a white cop is still being doled out by the liberals, unchallenged by the mainstream media.
    My guess is that most people who carry a firearm would prefer to live in a world where it is not necessary. For many if not most gun owners, buying a gun was a sad acknowledgement that things are not right where they live.
    But, now let’s say we all live in Ferguson: It is better to be armed in Ferguson than unarmed.
    Another thing I am sure about is that we have a great roster of articles for you this week.

    Neil W. McCabe
    Editor, Guns & Patriots
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