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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by neo2199a, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Something I am sure most preppers realise, but most people don't realise this. People in the northeast got a real taste after sandy blew through. It doesn't take a mass war or battle to find yourself in a survival situation. As a truck driver I feel the need to remind most people that when the trucks stop rolling, everything on the shelves go away real quick. Groceries, gas, and other common essentials begin to run out mere days after they stop. Even after the trucks start again, it takes awhile to get everything caught back up. It really proves that us preppers are not nuts, but a group of people who think ahead. Maybe we need our supplies, skills, and training, maybe we don't. But at least we aren't making a mad dash to the stores after SHTF.

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    Yeah I agree, a person should assume that the store shelves are going to run out of what they need as soon as the weather forecast come ou or if not shortly after an event happens.

    As an example, I live in snow country every year after a snow storm I hear people at work talk abou they went to Walmart, Lowes, HomeDepot or where ever during the storm and they out of rock slat or ice melt. I ask why didn't you buy some at end of last years snow season when they had it on clearance or at the beginning of winter so you would have it on hand.

    They always say something stupid like well they should have stocked more on they knew a storm was coming or who would think that they would run out in the middle of a snow storm. They do not realize and I say this with all seriousness, they do not realize that most people are like them naive, ignorant, lazy or stupid.

    They think no matter what happens the stores are going to have a crap of whatever they need and that no matter happens the local Walmart (or whatever store) is going to have a butt load of what they need and just because a major snow storm came through that so what the trucks can still get through. Yeah right.
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    We call that, part of the natural process of selection...
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    People are lazy. Remotes for everything. Remember when you had to get up from the couch to change channels.
    Drive thru fast food, microwaves, cell phones that do everything but your taxes.
    Prepping takes time, some money and forethought.
    I have an eighty year old neighbor who plants a large garden every year by hand.
    Wife cans up most of it, and he also walks five miles every morning starting a 6:00am, puts the Amish to shame with his work ethic.
    I look up to him, because he raised five kids, paid for his house and earned a really nice pension that earned him the right to just take it easy.
    I listen to his stories about growing up poor and what it was like to be hungry.
    We go to estate sales together because he still won't pay full retail when he can pay a lot less.

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