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Junk pile for Trade

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For Trade
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Oregon City
Pretty much everything you see here is junk there are a couple good items.

I will trade for any one of the following items for something else some of my interest would be

Example All the parts for any one of the following

Will trade the lot for anyone of the items below I am not asking a lot for it. I just want to some trading. I suppose I could take cash but where is the fun in that.

A2 rear sight assembly.

A1 or A2 upper receiver with a crack under the ejection port. I want one for a .22 project.

Fenix weapon light

Detachable carry handle.

1 US made HK Part toward 922r could be a trigger, Disconnector, trigger box, my be C or US or PTR marked.

4 Ar15 mags

4 Ak mags

22" or larger computer monitor with HDMI connection.

A couple of nice hunting rifle soft cases

A carbine Tactical rifle case.

Trow out some offers. Yes most of this is junk but if you like to tinker you might find some good stuff there is over $20 of functioning good parts in the lot

Box O Junk.jpg

Here is a rundown of some of what I have here. The Mollie vest there is nothing wrong with it I am just too fat for it to zip up on me. It is not a plate carrier. All the grips you see are Cetme or HKG3 grips they will work on metal frame HK series lowers
they is a functional but nicked up A2 delta ring, There are some rail panels missing the locking PC, a Magpul stock pad with 1 broken tab a mag body made of steel that is stripped and bent, Some butt ugly mount that goes on a flat top upper receiver, a HK stock mount this is worth over $20 alone but does not fit the rifle I wanted it fit, Half a A2 hangarud with insulation a PP-43 mag it still has good internals It was modified to work for a 7.62x25 Ar15 upper I built but abandoned when 7.62x25 ammo went up. The UTG think is a an HK Accessory and optic mount. The flash light does not work but has a really good quick disco system I really wish it worked. The Ar15 safety is unfinished, the Trigger still had molding attached and would need to be ground off and finished, there is a working HKg3 or cetme charging lever, The FSB is for a .625" Barrel but the front hole was over drilled had it not been it well worth a price of a brick of .22 its still usable if someone finds a large pin or drills it for set screws or just welds it in , A couple of .223 stripper clips. Like I said its a junk pile.

TRADES WANTED + or - cash or other parts.
Bushnell Variable scope with rain guard.
budget 1-4 or 1-6 Scope or 1-8 scope like under $200 it's going on a .22
A2 rear sight assembly,
Retro Style Car15 stock bodies,
Upper receivers Prefer M16, A1 or A2 but flat tops as well.
Carry Handle,
Like new Colt Side sling swivel,
US Made HK91, PTR, G3, Cetme parts,
1 PC scope mounts budget one for a.22,
14.5" M4 barrel.
Left-handed .22 conversion kit.
A1 rear sight assembly.
Left CMMG or Stag Arms .22 Conversion Kit or parts
A Carry handle receiver. A1 or A2.
Rifle Cases
20" or larger Screen computer Monitor
Adobe Cs6
1/12 twist rate barrels even Frankenstein project barrels
Colt Ar15 parts just about any.
Xd9 mags
if someone does window tinting or car stereo installs
Fenix weapon lights
Left-handed ar15 parts
16" .308 AR-style barrel low or no rds
Muddy girl stock and grip
$5-7 dollar ar15 mags
Benelli R1 Piston for 300wm.
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Would you want 2 brand new Shockwave Blades and a new Shickwave buffer tube that has the dimples in it to secure the blade. 1 is in the package unopened and other is opened but never mounted

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Just to update. I have this cross-posted and have a few other interesting offers so I am still hearing offers. I would really like a decent scope mount. @Corpstactical if you were local I might have went with those but shipping this would be at least 15-19 alone, I don't really want to out of pocket that much,

@Thegreenmanpdx what parts are you interested in?

@Oregongunlover I am considering and listening to other offers but if nothing else pans out then I will go with that. I have the rest other half of the 8mm same stuff as the other and I have 219 rds of 7.62x54R ammo so I will be contacting you about that as well.


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Will you get rid of the mag, the trigger and the selector? I'd need it shipped
Are these the only parts you are looking for? The parts in the junk pile are junk they can be made to work. However I do have these parts that are not junk I sent you a PM did you get it?
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Cerberus Training Group
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