Judge Shoemaker: An American Freethinker

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    While most folks on here know me as the former publisher of American Gun Culture Report and currently the weblog Occupy the 2nd Amendment, I also will be publishing a book next month about adventures in my early Portland years from 1998-2002 when I lived in the pantry of a local college professor who turned out to be a French-Nazi transsexual atheist nun. While that part of the story might not be of particular appeal to many people here, my research did uncover interesting history concerning an unusual district court judge in the 1950s. Oh wait, there is a slight gun politics connection. The American freethinker movement, to which Judge Shoemaker belonged, opposed racial and sexual bigotry, any form of totalitarianism or suppressions of liberty and viewed supernatural beliefs, especially religions, with great suspicion. Like most leftists of the time, they had no interest in gun control except to oppose it as well. Here is a link to my weblog about that individual:

    Judge Shoemaker Pt. I | BABETTE:

    Ross Eliot

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