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Joy per dollar.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Simonpie, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Simonpie

    Simonpie Portland Active Member

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    My “nephew-in-law” just took some friends (one first time shooter) to the shotgun range with some of my various guns. Nothing serious, just trap in the sunshine. They had a good group, so I was reaching for the dregs, and out came the Montgomery Wards Hercules 12 gauge. It has lived the most abused life imagineable, but the bore is bright and it always goes off. Took my first (and only) grouse with that gun. I read about a lot of cool projects, and I have a few of my own, but this $50 shotgun has them all beat when measured in joy per dollar.

    Go have fun.
  2. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    Cool post, my best shooting memories came from a beat to death bolt action winchester .22!
  3. 1stklass

    1stklass salem oregon Well-Known Member

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    22 dollar crosman .177 10 pump airgun. I had more fun with that gun growing up roaming the countryside shooting at dead leaves, imaginary enemy soldiers that were really dirt clods and my big toe one day to see what it felt like. We didnt have movies that said do not try this at home back then because if you saw it in the movie the movie producers were smart enough to know everyone would of course try it at home :bluelaugh: