Join Us for the 31st Annual Banquet for the Oregon Hunters Association Rogue Valley Chapter

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    Member and friends of Northwest Firearms, we are gearing up for the 2015 OHA Banquet! Has it been a few years since you last attended the banquet? Now is the time to come back and enjoy and evening of auctions, games, raffles and sharing stories with friends as well as new acquaintances. This is our primary fund raising event and it takes participation from our members to make this a successful event.

    Our goal is to provide for an abundant wildlife resource for present and future generations. This last year, we have participated in several projects on the local level, as well as supporting Statewide programs. These projects involve improving habitat for all wildlife. We also fund studies of game animals so that we can better understand what needs to be done to maximize the resource.

    OHA has contributed money to enhance wildlife habitat throughout Southern Oregon including meadow seeding and fertilizing, controlled burns, noxious weed control and waterfowl improvement projects. Other projects include: deer trapping, pheasant transplanting, guzzler construction and spring improvements.

    The Rogue Valley Chapter of the OHA has also established a scholarship to be given to one or more worthy students in Jackson County, Oregon.

    We are currently seeking cash donations, firearms (New or Used), donations of services and or merchandise from our community as well as businesses from within the community. Please contact any of the Board Members or Banquet Committee members to make your donation or for additional information on dinner packages for the February 28th 2015 Banquet.

    You are helping us to continue providing resources for theses and other game management functions. We'll continue to work with and support financially, wildlife projects with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service and BLM.

    As always, the funds we raise all go into improving wildlife habitat and representing hunter's interest right here in Oregon. With your continued help and generosity, we can ensure abundant wildlife and hunting opportunities for future generations.

    Thank you for generous contribution and we would be honored to have members attend our fund raiser.

    Oregon Hunters Association Rogue Valley Chapter
    PO Box 1748
    Medford, OR 97501
    Non-Profit Org. 501C(3)
    Tax ID# 93-1117952

    Banquet Committee Volunteer
    Ken Ogawa
    Please send PM for additional information or
    Contact: 541-842-2190
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    We will be there. Looks like 6 of us.

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