That song just popped up on shuffle while I was drying and oiling some guns from a deer hunt with my son, and I thought I'd throw it up here.

YouTube - Johnny Cash - I hung my Head (with Lyrics)

Ya can't take a bullet back. I watched a neighbor wound a deer today, and we couldn't find it. He didn't check his zero this summer, just went with what worked last year. The buck was hit in a hindquarter, and we looked for hours, to no avail. There's a good chance the buck will die in vain. He hung his head.

As a kid, I shot a cedar fencepost with my .22, 'knowing' that the fencepost would stop the bullet from hitting the goat behind it. I was wrong, and the goat humped up, gutshot, and I had to finish the job when my folks got home. I hung my head, and still do today over that.

My buddy shot himself in the forearm with a Sigma trying to field strip it, after another guy loaded it when he wasn't looking. He didn't hang his head...he just cussed a lot.

Be careful out there, and give no reason to hang your head.

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