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    One thing that we gun owners constantly point out to the public is that crime decreases when more people are armed. We tell how in Britain and Australia there were massive increases in crime after the latest gun bans. However, when this is reported to the gun grabbers they are totally unimpressed. Why is this? Well, here is a possible answer.

    In America today, more than 2 million people are incarcerated. Plus, untold numbers are out on parole. Many criminals have not been apprehended. The plain facts are that crime is BIG BUSINESS for those whose careers are fighting crime. There must be between 1 and 2 million people (maybe more) such as city, county, state and federal police officers, investigaters, judges, attorneys, court house employees, prison guards and possibly many others who absolutely depend on criminal activities for their daily bread. If crime was to immediately cease, what would these people do for a living? I think that many people have a vested interest in crime and that is why we will never get anywhere telling them that armed citizens are a deterrent to criminal activity.

    If I am wrong, please convince me! Thank you, my friends.
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    Heck---of course crime is "good for business". So is war.

    Interesting historical observation on how the government deals with a
    sudden decrease in crime, and the associated decrease in the need for
    "crime fighters".

    The government geared up for the fight against demon rum after the
    passage of the 18th ammendment. G-men, revenoors, lots of them.

    Passage of the 21st ammendment on 12/05/1933 put the majority
    of them out of work, right in the middle of the depression.

    SO----what does the government do? Passes the National Firearms
    Act of 1934. Instant job security for all those poor out-of-work
    Feds. Be careful what you wish for.
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    It seems to me that the (LEGAL) firearms industry carries a not-so-insignificant portion of the economy. From firearms manufacturers, ammunition producers, parts suppliers, even importation of firearm related components (local distributors sell this stuff). I honestly have no idea, but I imagine the number of jobs and money generated from this industry is rather large.

    If we shut that industry down would it not have a significant impact on our economy? In an era when jobs disappear faster than they're created, I think this would be disastrous in the current economic climate.
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    Even more disastrous should the government decide to nationalize the firearms industry like they did with automakers. I highly doubt, however, that the government would ever bail out firearm manufacturers.

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