WTS ID Jing Gong G608 HK G36C Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG)

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    This is NOT a "toy," but is a "professionally prepared" NON-lethal home defense system.

    Jing Gong G608 G36C Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) reproduction of the German G36C Heckler & Koch(HK) Assault Rifle.

    1:1 Scale

    Golden Eagle Electric Gun Series

    Production Number: 6681 (Note: Altho "numbered" to the best of my knowledge this is NOT a "fully licensed replica.")

    Foldable Stock

    Adjustable/Enhanced "Hop Up"

    350 fps

    Purchased online from "Air Splat" & "outfitted" locally by Combat Support Supply with the following:

    * Cobra One Point Sling (by Condor)

    * Picatinny/Weaver Rails (both sides/bottom)

    * UTG CQB Red/Green Tactical Dot Sight Dot (Circle Dot) Reticle Intensifier (SCP-RG4OCDQ)

    * UTG Combat 5-Function LED Flashlight (ELS268) mounted on rail with MDC30 30mm Cantilever Ring Mount.

    * "Bull Dot" Laser Sight (SCP-LS288) - Expanded Laser Beam - Stock mounted Pressure Switch

    Also included are:

    * 3 Metal Tac "BB Loaders" (Speed Loaders?)

    * 1 & one half bags (5,000 count) Metal Tac 0.20 Comp Grade Airsoft BB's

    * Extra Mag (connects with inserted mag -- for single "two mag insert")

    * All manuals & boxes.

    * Eastsport camo backpack.

    Additional Notes:

    * "House Gun" -- never been "in the field" -- never been dropped -- not a scratch or scrape on it.

    * Reason for selling: Need the cash.

    * As mentioned above, this is "weapon system" & NOT "a toy," and is capable of putting one of it's "rounds" thru a cardboard box @ 20ft -- and "embed" a round in cardboard @ twice the distance, thus making it a good "tool" for "discouraging" & repelling ALL sorts of "pests."

    Asking $300.00 -- put over $400 into it.

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