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Its not necessarily a junker but it can be hit and miss so to speak. I had a jennings that was very reliable and safe. I pulled the bullet and powder out of a casing and put the primed casing in the chamber and then proceeded to abuse the thing horribly. It never "fired" whether on safe or off. It was quite fun to shoot as well. There is a website devoted to these little pistols with tips on how to resolve some of the more common issues if you get them. I've thought about getting one again just to tinker with as a range toy and gunsmithing project if it was not as reliable as the Jennings I had before.
If the Jiminez (Jennings) JA-22 is anything like the J-22 it should be a very inexpensive pocket pistol. I had a friend with a Jennings J22, and it was a fun little piece. He picked it up for like $20. It was accurate for how small it was, as long as you were within reasonable handgun distance. Loud for a .22LR though. Kinda cool. I miss shooting that thing. He long since sold it off.
I've seen them sold by a couple of places, but only one is really in the PDX area. Little Bear Gun Shop (in Hillsboro) had one last time I was over there, but that was probably more than a year ago, so I dunno if they still do. I remember because the shop owner said good things about it, and said that the current model is better than the older types. But maybe he was trying to make a sale. I think the price was $119. The other place I've seen them is just barely short of being on the coast at that Hamlet Quick Stop on the corner of Highways 26 and 53. I think the price there was also $119 (or maybe $129), and they may be willing to budge a little. That is a more recent spotting as I was in there just a few days ago.

We seem to have similar tastes, as I've been curious about those little junk guns as well.
Heh, yeah for the most part. Cheap yet solid/reliable is even better though (why I'm so drawn to Eastern Bloc guns).

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