Jerky Customer Service at Marine Fisherman In Tigard! YOU GET MY MONEY NO MORE!

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    This will be a long one, so get ready to hear a rant. I'm really ticked off at Marine Fisherman's and will no longer give them my business. I've spent thousands of dollars at this store and have been a good and loyal customer. I expect to be treated with some respect and not screamed, insulted and ridiculed. Anyway, let me explain.

    Today I was just browsing around gun shops for some new stuff as I am plan on purchasing some new equipment and replacing some older things I have. Anyway, I decided to take a look at the newer Fisherman's near the Washington Square Mall in Tigard.

    I will say I have never been so happy about the service I received at the store from people at the gun counter. They seemed to have had a wide variety of people working there. Many of the people there seem to have some attitude to them which I have always but turned off to. However, I have also met some friendly and helpful people at some of the stores as well. Their selection is a bit overpriced, but reasonable and they seem to have a good variety of supplies.

    Well, today I went to the store in Tigard and was just checking out optics and rifles. Right from the start, one of the jerks behind the counter decided to take a wise crack at me. I guess insulting customers gives them some meaning to their lives or something. I was telling the guy I was having trouble with zeroing in my Acog and then proceeded to looking at one of the Nikon Tactical Scopes. The shape of the scope made it appear that the eyepiece appear on the opposite side. It was a long day and I was staring at the scope backwards and asked what was wrong with it. The objective lens was actually smaller than the ocular lens which threw me off. Anyway, the guy behind the counter starts laughing at me and says, "No wonder you cannot figure out your Acog, you got it backwards." Duh, I figured it out quickly, but I guess I didn't need the guy to inadvertently call me a "dumba##". I guess it made him feel good. Was a long day for me, just got back from long trip, not thinking straight.. Anyway, STRIKE ONE against Fisherman's Cust Service.

    Then, after looking at scopes, I decided to look at a few of the rifles. First, I try out a S&W M&P 15-22 which seemed to have a manufacturer's defect. The guy who worked at the gun counter couldn't open the bolt, so he handed it to me closed. I then have to fight with it and finally yanked it open. It seems that there was some improper molding of the polymer. There was some definite issue with it. Then I tried to proceed to close it and it would not budge. I handled other M&P 15-22s that never had this issue. So I proceeded to tap on it and the same jerk who mocked me earlier came yelling at me, "DON'T HIT IT! YOU're DOING IT WRONG IF YOU HAVE TO HIT IT!" . I guess the guy was afraid I might hurt the gun. I felt he was being a moron and I just handed it back. The gun obviously had problems and since when does giving a light thump to a polymer gun cause damage?? STRIKE TWO.

    Well, the worst situation of all was what happened next. Already, feeling a bit wary about the gun counter, I decided to just look at another rifle. I asked to see one of the American AK-47s they had. What happened next was the final straw which put a nail in the coffin of my shopping at Fisherman's.

    Ok, well the guys at the gun counter seemed to crowd around me. The one guy hands me the rifle and then stands right in front of me. Another guy, who I guess is the manager also stands right in front of me next to the other guy. The gun counter was very crowded and tight space and was looking for a safe direction to point the gun. Anyway, I want to be able to get a good feel for the gun, but I have no real place to point it. So, to avoid pointing the gun at the guys behind the counter, I move the rifle in a drection towards the ammo boxes in the back. So, I attempted to aim the rifle this direction and the guy JUMPS at me, yelling, "NOOOO!! Don't point the gun at PEOPLE!" He starts scolding me and ranting about how people don't like guns pointed at them. And, then said I pointed the gun at a man and his child. I got real irritated at this point and annoyed. FIRST OF ALL, I did everything in my power to not point the gun at anyone. I didn't want to point the gun at him (the guy behind the counter) , nor did I want to turn around and point the gun at the isles. The guy then scolded me again saying, "YOU MUST POINT THE RIFLE UP IN THE AIR!" They then proceeded to tell me at Fisherman's that the policy is that all guns must be pointed in the air. They then scolded me for not knowing that. I start to defend that I did not do that and the guy gets all anal with me and walks away. I've been in many gun stores and people always are pointing the gun straight and generally point the guns towards the back of the counters. Obviously, in a tight space like a gun counter, guns may be pointed in a direction towards people, which is inevitable. However, them scolding me and attacking me over this was over the top, condescending and totally irrational. I understand if some bozo sweeps the store, dry firing or pulls out a CCW, but to scream at me for aiming a rifle in the general direction of people is absurd. There was no other place at all I could aim the rifle and the jerks behind the counter crowded me in a way that I couldn't point the rifle straight. At most gun stores when they hand you a gun, they move to the side when they hand you a gun so you can point the gun straight. The guys at Fisherman are too brainless to figure out that concept.

    I can go on and on.. Let's just say I did something wrong. Well, they could have been polite about it and rather than scolding me and then insulting me, saying "PEOPLE DON't LIKE GUNS POINTED AT THEM", they could have been like, "PLEASE SIR, keep THE GUN POINTED IN THE AIR." To H*LL with customer service, respect and kindness to a person who gives their hard earned money to this store. And, the irony of it all was that I actually did not point the gun at anyone and I was not aware of their "POINT GUN IN THE AIR" policy. The people at Fisherman's have the worst manners I have ever encountered at any gun shop. I've never met such a holier-than-thou, piss on the customer type of staff. They were rude from the start and have no problem treating their customers like garbage.


    Well, I then proceed to call their manager to complain about the way I was treated. The guy was a total maniac. He was extremely rude, hostile and angry on the phone to me. I told him I didn't like the way I was treated and that the guy made false accusations and that, even, if they considered them not false, that he was not polite to me. GIving me guilt trips and insults was about the amount of support I got from the manager. He said he will back up his man all the way and that working at gun store is dangerous, yadda yadda. He was telling me horror stories of people pulling our loaded guns and pointing them at people, yadda yadda. I told him I understood the dangers at that I have taken many gun safety courses and that I was well aware that pointing guns at people is not acceptable. Also, I said that is why I was upset for being yelled at. Then the manager starts yelling at me, ironically, saying that his staff member did not yell, DID NOT YELL,. DID NOT YELLLLL..:paranoid: LOLOL .. I said that the people at the gun counter crowded me and I did all I could to point the gun in the direction that was safe. He then proceeds to back up his employee saying I was pointing the gun at a man and his child. Really, at this point I feel the guy is a creep and he seems to be getting very emotional and upset. I felt like I was a piece of dirt talking to him. How dare I challenge him and his great staff, me the lowly customer.

    WHATEVER HAPPEN TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? RESPECTING THE CUSTOMER? I told the guy I have given the stores thousands of dollars and I don't like the type of treatment I received. The manager just pretty much went on yelling at me, saying how dangerous I was, telling me how many bad encounters he had and insulting me. I told him I am a software person with knowledge of the internet and would vocalize my opinion. Well, I never like to start trouble with a small local business, but I just cannot digest the way I was treated. I wanted to share with others. I feel that the people at Fisherman's take for granted their customers and think because they sell firearms in a place where they are not widely available that they can go and push around their customers.

    Not only is their customer service horrific, but in reality, they are overpriced on many items. But, I was supporting the store, because I like to support local businesses. I just bought a Ruger Redhawk from them a few weeks ago.

    Well, this is the last time I am shopping at Fisherman's. I hope they can get their act together and learn to not terrorize their customers. If they are so paranoid about customer's handling rifles , perhaps they ought to build a special room where customers can go handle the rifles, somewhat like a fitting room in a clothing store. I don't know, but I felt like a prisoner, not a customer in their store today. I don't like going shopping and being treated like I am some inferior creature and insulted.

    Well, I will say I can put up with the arrogant attitude of people behind gun counters, but today it was so over the top, that I felt inspired to write this complaint/rant.
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    Good help is hard to find.
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    I used to shop at Fishmans, but there service is so bad and there selection poor along with there prices being a little high. The last time I was there to buy a rifle I stood at the counter looking at the one I wanted in the rack for 10 mins. while 3 employees at the far end of the gun counter BS in a near empty store.
    There are a lot of other places to spend my money.
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    You have to remember that these are a bunch of minimum wage workers, not always firearm, or even outdoor enthusiasts.
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    The best part of this account is your willingness to admit some mistakes you made. NONE of which deserved the treatment you got. Your honesty about your own actions validates the rest of the story, and allows it (for me at least) to be given much more credence than had you been self-righteous and non-critical of yourself.

    1) Can't say I've never looked into the wrong end of a scope. (Also can't say I've never made fun of anybody else who did, but I'm not a scope salesman engaged in customer service either.)

    2) In a store setting, I would not accept a firearm from anyone without it having been opened and cleared. (This is a good rule for everywhere, but I can't say I adhere to it absolutely 100% of the time). The only exception in a store setting would be to relieve a person who is unfamiliar/struggling with the firearm, and then take posession gingerly and with exaggerated safety procedure, clear it for them.

    3) Detecting a malfunction in a firearm (new or otherwise) that is not mine dictates I return it immediately to the owner, along with advisement of the weapon's condition (loaded, unloaded, etc.). No tapping, banging, or attempt to remedy the malfunction should be attempted by me. I expect the same from others when it is my firearm that has malfunctioned.

    4) Store settings nearly preclude any truly safe pointing of a weapon (as you so correctly described). Employees crowding around made the situation worse. They obviously had their radar up after your scope experience, then your tapping on the firearm. Again, NONE of your actions warranted the crude treatment you received. If they truly thought you were some doofus whose mistakes would mushroom into some sort of disaster, they should not have placed a weapon in your hands (with polite and respectful refusal to do so). It seems to me, they were almost "setting you up" under their collective microscope for some sort of infraction they could magnify into a huge violation of safety concerns.

    I will close with a true story that happened at a big hardware/sporting goods store I patronize in Montana. This is first-hand information to me from a store clerk that witnessed it:

    Customer #1 enters with his scoped deer rifle to trade in. He is asked if it is loaded. He answers no. The gun is examined (not cleared) by the clerk (not the clerk who told me about it), laid down on the gun mat on the counter, and a number of new guns are presented to the customer. This requires customer and clerk to travel 20-30 feet away from the old gun while they examine other guns on the rack behind the counter.

    With no one in attendance of the old gun, Customer #2 enters, greets the clerk personally known to him, asks about his current activity with the customer, picks up the old rifle off the counter, sights through the scope at a taxidermy mount halfway across the store, the gun discharges and kills a shelf-stocking employee on a high ladder at the far end of the store. Three people had at least three chances to clear that gun. None did. The fourth chance to avoid disaster was where the gun was pointed.

    With this story always in the forefront of my mind, I actually loudly inserted myself into an identical situation at Larry's Sporting Goods (now Marine Fisherman's) in Oregon City. Same identical scenario, except the guy who picked up the gun was clerk #2. Started looking thru the scope, sighting at taxidermy across the store, etc. My temples throbbed to near explosion, I stepped forward quickly, grabbed the barrel of the gun, forcing it to the sky, and yelled "WOAH!". Everybody looked at me like I was nuts. I explained that I believed the gun had not been cleared, asked clerk #1 if that was true (and he sheepishly admitted so, but brushed it of with "Bob wouldn't bring a loaded gun in here, wouldya Bob?"). And their opinion of me seemed reinforced when at my insistence clerk #2 opened the bolt. The gun was empty. They had a laugh at my expense. Except Bob. Bob was an older guy, and shut them down right away, taking full responsibility, and telling me that he would have done the same thing I did. I then shared the Montana story. We all got an education that day.
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    Sounds like a daytime adventure for me
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    This kind of thing is endemic at box stores, and a lot of small shops too. People can get a little strange about gun sales, like they're handing you a box of tampons or a pack of rubbers, or maybe they just assume you can't afford the gun... Who knows. It was the same at guitar shops back when I played - too much attitude. Anyway, I'm not sure hobbyists make the best salespeople. It's either that, or the guy behind the counter was selling shoes just a week before. That's why I thoroughly research everything online before shopping.

    W/ regards to box stores, if you're ever in Salem check out Wholesale Sports.. You can get all your outdoor gear there and shooting supplies. There is a young salesman named Josh, who is also an Army Veteran. The guy is great. He has lots of energy, a sense of humor, and will give it to you straight without insulting you. He's also one of the few salespeople who's ever given me useful, practical advice.
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    I like spending my money at small shops with folks that know what they're doing - on both sides of the counter - Unfortunately they are getting harder and harder to find. I will go into Cabelas or Sportsman's warehouse on occassion but if the gun counter is crowded I execute a 180 degree turn and egress as quickly as possible.

    Take the Cheers approach and fondle and buy where everybody knows your name. :cool:

    Sorry for your experience
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    Sorry to hear that you had bad experience.

    I understand you trying to help out the business. But it's a big chain store, they don't care how much you spend on there or recognize your face every time you go in there. Just like shopping at Costco, at least they have good customer service. haha

    And you shouldn't have little rough with the firearm, just let jerks handle it. In case something goes wrong, you don't have to take responsible.

    Overall they were jerk and you were treated wrong.

    Counter guy might be on
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    Having been in retail sales for a decade, from soft to hard lines, from paeon to store manager, I can advise you to write a clearly worded and unemotional letter to the regional manager of Fisherman's(if one exists) and point them to this thread. One upset customer becomes dozens with word-of-mouth. The employee was obviously poorly trained and does not need to work in that department. The manager's actions are inexcusable considering his position and he should meet with a review or at the very least a warning. The counter jockey is a wage slave and not worth your trouble.

    My business will be taken elsewhere due to your post. I've heard stories but now I'll never walk into one if this is the standard they uphold.
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    Sounds like a store in Puyallup(with a range).The kids behind the gun counter haven't been alive as long as I have had guns.And when they tried to tell me how to handle them I would quickly give the gun back and look at them like they were stupid.

    Now I understand you were tired and all.But the first guy should have been dealt with immediately.Told to have some manners or watch his mouth.I'm usually quick with retorts for the wannabees.
    And like spitpatch said,probably should have given the gun back when it didn't work right.Even if I know the owner,I would give him the chance to fix his gun first .
    I would have been suspect of someone loading it.

    Of coarse I would have been thrown out because there are only a couple people alive who can raise their voice louder than me And "WHO THE HECK YOU TALKING TO?", comes out in these situations.Followed buy "How much they pay you to be a smart *** anyway? $4 an hour?".I don't do yelling.Too many screaming foreman over the years in construction.

    All in all you should have figured you were tired after the scope and stopped looking.
    But you would have found out sooner or later,their true colors.
    Hey this is the good part of the webbernet
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    I'm sorry to hear of your experience there...I've had nothing but good trips to that store. Had a few conversations with the folks behind the counter and thought they were decent, gun loving dudes... Everyone has their bad days I suppose.

    I was stoked to see them open up around these neck of the woods. It would be unfortunate if they turned into "that shop" that we try to avoid because of douche-baggery...
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    That blows. But the Fisherman's Marine in Delta Park has always given me very good customer service. In fact got "over the top" good service from the gun counter last week during their tent sale.
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    I appreciate all the responses and wish I had more time to respond. I will say on one note, that I had many good experiences with them in the past or I would have not poured thousands into buying guns, accessories and other products from the store. Also, I took a CCW class at the store in Delta Park that I thought was done well. However, my last trip to the Tigard store has left me very upset and the feelings I get after the treatment I received seems to be lingering more and more. Maybe, this would be proper treatment for a boot camp or prison, but a store where you spend your money? I just think to myself, how could I stay in business if I ever treated my customers like garbage the way the Fisherman's in Tigard treated me? I guess selling software I cannot act dominating, macho and be a smart a## to my customers and be considered normal. Not that I haven't received bad treatment in the software field as well, but nothing this ludicrous.

    Spitpatch, your post is very informative and I appreciate you sharing the story. I never dry fire a gun in the store without asking the people at the counter first. I had a negligent discharge once and I am now very paranoid dry firing any gun not pointed downrange at my rifle range. Also, I check any gun handed to me 3 or more times. Once with visual inspection and then with finger inspection in the chamber and magazine well. I wasn't able to get that far because the minute I lowered the gun and tried to point it at the wall the employee at the gun counter started scolding me. Once he started ranting how I always must keep the gun pointed up, I said, "If you guys are so paranoid, I won't handle the guns at your store." I handed the gun back to him and then proceeded to defend myself against their accusations. He became insulted with me and walked away from me. Although he did not verbally express himself, I could see by his facial expressions that he was muttering, "STUPID CUSTOMER. HOW DARE HE CHALLENGE ME".

    I really appreciate your post Darkminstrel. After being torn to pieces, insulted and treated like garbage by the manager at the Tigard store, I think I will not proceed to contact Fisherman's anymore. If I want to be treated like a dog, I can go and waste my time talking to several other people.

    I'm sure there are many people who had good experiences at Fisherman's and I am one of them. I've been shopping there for years and bought various guns, scopes and accessories from them. However, I guess I never challenged them in anyway and watch out if you do. They have no problem BSing with people and helping people with their purchases. Although, I feel that many of the employees behind the gun counter are a bit condescending and seem to give customers a vibe that they are "STUPID". It seemed if I said anything they didn't agree with, they would mock me or put me down. That is the vibe I have had many times shopping at Fisherman's. As far as stupid, I bought a scope at Fisherman's a while back which they mounted wrong and had a gunsmith who serviced the gun remount himself.

    As I said this is my experience and I wanted to share it. I don't want them to go out of business or the manager and employee who mistreated me to go homeless, I want them to clean up their act and respect those who work hard to keep them in business. This goes down to business ethics and respect.

    The way I was treated by the manager was worst of all. I can say the guy became abusive and crazy on the phone with me. There was no professionalism or respect in his tone with me and he acted like I insulted his mother by complaining about the service. He also acted a bit juvenile when I said I would post my experience on the web. He was like, "We are well supported by the community and your posts on the web won't do nothing to hurt our business." He actually started giving me an arrogant and jerky laugh. Once again, he was being hardheaded , rude and unprofessional. You would think if a customer is going to post feedback he could be a bit compassionate. Most businesses when dealing with a customer who is upset, will apologize, even if the business is not at fault. I've done this many times with my own customers. In this case, I think I was not at fault. He was essentially expecting an apology out of me.

    I don't know, but what happened yesterday ruined my day. The vibe was all bad. I just got the feeling after dealing with them that I was dirt. YMMV.. I'm just sharing my experience and people should judge for themselves with a grain of salt. However, I've read a few reviews on the net and I don't seem to be the only person who has experienced this treatment.
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    I also have had a few good experiences at Fisherman's even though the pricing is almost always out of line BUT the LAST TIME (and I do mean last time) I was as Fisherman's in Oregon City I was shopping the gun accessory Isles and with good intentions of spending plenty of cash on misc. target items, cleaning items and whatever. I was taking my time trying to enjoy the experiance. The guy behind the gun counter rack was following me from Isle to Isle and just watching me. Not, hey sir can I help you find something specific but more like, I'm hoping to catch someone stealing today. ( I made sure that I wasn't like showing steel or a big print) It was very annoying. I'm a clean cut guy and don't believe I give off any "vibe". I see that attitude enough when I'm at places like the College Book Store every term when I buy text books. The College bookstore charging an average of 100.00 to 200.00 dollars per college text book (some are freaking soft cover) and they're watching me like I might rip THEM off!!! I see it in the local convienence stores also. Same story there. I say F.... Them. There's a nice gun store or two in Milwaukie and one in Sandy and I get treated better than that at Keiths.
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    Pretty much my experience at the Tigard store as well.

    It's your right to shop where ever you wish, but for me, I'll continue to shop there.
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    I have done so, specifically, with Fisherman's Marine. Received no reply of any kind.:huh:

    And, the service and attitudes continue to be mediocre, at best.

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    Sounds to me like the "manager" was the same person as the counter worker based on his responses to you on the phone. I, too, would complain higher up the ladder.
    I would not have been "whacking" on their firearm.
    If their responses to you are represented here as they actually happened I'd have to agree that they were out of line and I'd not be going back there either.
    I've only been in that store once and it was an "ok" experience. I used to visit the Delta Park store at lunch time and every trip there was good. The Oregon City store is close to home and I stop in there regularly. Most of the guys at the gun counter are cool, but there was one young punk there a couple of years ago that needed his ears pinned back. I avoided him, but having to listen to him talk to other customers pretty much would drive me out of the store!
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    The whacking on their firearm thing is overblown here. I wasn't whacking on it really, but the upper receiver wouldn't close, and since I opened it, they were looking at me like I should have been the one to close it. It took a h*ll of a lot of effort to open the bolt and the guy at the counter couldn't even do it. I finally with a lot of force got the bolt to open, but I couldn't get it closed. The funny thing was is that the guy at the counter ended up closing it by giving it a good whack. I watched him do it. Anyway, the problem I had with the .22 they handed me was the least of my problems.

    And, the manager was definitely not the guy at the counter. I know, because they had different sounding voices.

    I've never had trouble at the Oregon City store. Some of the guys act like I am wasting their "precious" time when I ask them questions. The guys at the Tigard store, despite being "gun-loving dudes", do not seem to be "customer-loving dudes". I've never really liked the feeling I got at the Tigard store. Although, I have had some bad feelings in the Delta Park store as well. I've never been screamed at for handling rifles at the Delta Park store. Personally, I think the customer service guy was very paranoid and was a jerk about reprimanding customers. Instead of being polite he starts insulting me, saying that I am harassing customers with the gun. I am sure one of these days, some other customer who isn't as forgiving as me, will thump this guy over the head. And, even though the other customer service people probably would have not been so anal as this guy, rather than hearing my complaint, they just mocked me and blew me off like I was dirt. The manager, will not take any criticism about his staff and figures if they make any type of "safety" complaint about the customer, that the customer MUST have done something wrong. He had no problem chewing me out and backing up the fallacious claim that I was pointing the rifle at a man and his child.

    However, whether I was right or wrong, the treatment I received was horrible. Like I said, my previous experiences there were not horrific like this one. I'm not trying to persuade the loyal customers to jump ship. What I am doing is sharing my experience, as I think a store that treats their customers this bad needs a major overhaul. I'm definitely not giving any more of my money to Fisherman's, until they write me and other abused customers a letter of apology, which will never happen, most likely.

    I've been to Wholesale Sports and I generally have always had a better feeling in that store. The people at the counter are usually friendly and I've never been screamed at or scolded for sampling the rifles. The managerial staff never chewed me out when I made a complaint or critique. Basically, it seems like they appreciate the business of customers and don't feel like customers should bow down and honor them because they sell firearms.

    WAYNO, don't bother writing Fisherman's. They don't take criticism or complaints lightly. The old motto is, "The Customer Is Always Right." In the case of Fisherman's, it is "The Customer Is Always Wrong."

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