WTS WA Jeep Liberty Limited 16" Aluminum Wheels

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    Jeep Liberty Limited Wheels

    These came off a 2002 Liberty Limited. There is a fair amount of corrosion around the rim from salt (Ohio jeep). These should clean up nice for painting or refinishing, or put your studded snow tires on them and who cares.

    NOTE: I enhanced the photos to show the corrosion, however they really don't look as bad as the photos. I have FOUR wheels. I know they fit the first gen Jeep Liberty- of course they fit other vehicles as well, but you'll need to look at the specs below to determine the fit to your vehicle.

    Liberty 02-UP 16 x 7.0 Bolt pattern is 5x114.3mm or 5x4.5"

    The wheels are only available as a set- FOUR wheels for $40 total. If you only need one, buy the set and sell the other three yourself. JLW02.jpg JLW01.jpg JLW03.jpg JLW04.jpg JLW05.jpg JLW06.jpg
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