Then the next step is your only going to be allowed to have this many of this and this many of that

and no more than 10 rounds of ammo for each in your control

All of which is unconstitutional and again where the F is the NRA missing in action MIA as usual
More than likely, just guessing here, they are not invited to the discussions.
The provision for annual BGC in I-1639 is indicative of how ignorant some of the anti-gun types can be. In one of the links, there was a quotation from one of the proponents of the initiative, wherein he stated his surprise that four years later, the provision hadn't been implemented. So, he hasn't checked up on it in four years? So, he's just as clueless now as he was then. Break somebody's ricebowl, move on, no cares.

Showing how unrealistic the provision is, ordinarily anti-gun officials let it die. Which in itself proves the point. I'm wondering, how long were they going to keep it swept under the rug had not the issue hadn't been revived?

Many gun owners don't know the law. From A to Z, they just don't make themselves aware. But then again, there are many who keep up on these things. We in that latter group have known all along there is, at present, no practical mechanism for annual BGC. A common phrase of today, "on so many different levels." I suppose they many acquire information on a fractional basis, CPL data, handgun purchase data, etc. Then it has to be collated. Then the basic information has to be verified and checked, because people move and die, etc. Then there is the effort to get what amounts to re-checks done, a big task, BGC'ing an entire state's worth of handgun owners, annually. Then there are the "off paper" guns, who knows how many thousands and thousands of those. Most of which will never make "the list."

A simple solution would be for the legislature to mandate firearm registration. Previously mentioned, the difficulty the DOL has keeping up with recording on-going handgun and SAR sales records. But I suppose this could all be overcome with a system of permit fees and so on. It would take time to set all that up, just as it has with the I-1639 annual check thing. If an annual per gun fee ever comes along, I'm going to be glad I'm not one of those guys who owns 200 guns.

Mandated registration would never see full compliance. But it would give prosecutors one more tool on their belt. And, it would be just one more discouraging factor.

This part of I-1639 and Oregon 114 both illustrate how seemingly simple concepts of the anti-gun people are really quite complex in a country where gun ownership is fairly common.

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