Jan 25th and 26th

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  1. ma96782

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    Medford, OR
    Medford Armory
    1701 S. Pacific Hwy

    See the Wes Knodel web site for more info.

    *Never been to this one. Mostly due to the long distance from home.

    Eugene, OR
    Lane Co Fairgounds
    796 West 13th

    See the Collectors West site for more details.

    *I been there several times and have never purchased anything great.


    As always.........

    Feel free to post your comments about this show. And, post information on your favorite show(s) that I may have missed for these dates.

    I have no financial interest in any show.

    Aloha, Mark
  2. xlsbob

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    Went to the Medford show, it wasn't bad. Had a guy selling Dillon stuff for fair prices and also saw some decent powder prices. There were the usual $50 a brick primers and expensive .22 ammo but overall seemed like a good show.

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