Jaime Zapata's family sues the ATF, FBI and ICE for $50 mil for wrongful death

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    The state controlled media sure can bury a story when the facts hurt them. A NYPost article briefly mentioned it so I searched and the ONLY media that covered it was the Hispanic News Network. When it comes to controlling the news the Soviet news service TASS was a piker compared to US media outlets.

    Hispanic News Network U.S.A.: $62.5 Million Claim Filed In U.S. Against ATF, ICE And FBI For ICE HSI Special Agent Zapata's Death In Mexico

    You might have missed the revelation that in the months before his death Agent Zapata had investigated a F&F weapons shipment that came from Arizona and was headed for the same drug cartel that assassinated him. He wasn't shot with a F&F weapon however, he was shot with a weapon that came from the Texas gun-walking operation. This might all be a co-incidence but it's worth keeping in mind.
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    I wonder how the presidents illegal use of "Executive Privilege" will work in this lawsuit?
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