Jackson Co Sheriffs Office.

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    I was at the Jackson Co Sheriff's office today doing some paperwork and happened to be waiting in the lobby while I overheard a very long conversation between a deputy and some citizens.

    I was glad to hear that when the citizens demanded the deputy intervene between them and another party, the deputy cited the 1st amendment several times, and educated the citizens that what they were asking him to do would be unconstitutional.

    This deputy knew the boundaries and explained them to the citizens for nearly 20 minutes.

    I am glad that at least the Sheriff's office follows the constitution.
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    It appears that the deputy was staying "meta" with the conversation; and at least the citizens were talking it out.

    Some of us can have a difficult time learning to live with the "fog" that forms under the constitutional "umbrella".

    I'm glad to see the deputy didn't play "paper-rock-scissors" with them; telling them to "get along......".

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