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    i have a crossbreed Quick clip holster for the 1911 platform. its a slide style so all lengths will fit. I've only worn it a couple times its in perfect shape and concealed an officer perfectly. Unfortunately my 1911 is out of ccw rotation, so the holster is up for grabs. $45 shipped spf

    Also have a vmII look alike made by kuhl, more or less identical to the one pictured. worked excellent but again 1911 is out, for 5" 1911
    $sold thanks bryan

    I have a leather arsenal surprise special. marked "b 92" but will work with my full size witness and there for non railed cz's as well, also my 1911 and i'm going to assume a beretta 92 because of the markings? some stains(not sweat or other bodily fluids, honestly i think its dirty powder solvent) but good condition. http://www.leatherarsenal.com/SurpriseSpecial.htm $35 shipped

    and last but not least, some iwb pouch, from koolbak in od green. kind of an odd ball but fits just about everything in the med to compact range.http://cgi.ebay.com/Pistol-conceale...ryZ22701QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    $5 if shipped with any other of the holsters or $10 shipped buy itself
    pics to come shortly

    looking for trade for other holsters that fit : taurus 85, kahr mk9 or p40 or crimson trace's for any of the guns. or a seecamp 32 or kel tec p32 with some more from my end, i've got ammo!
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    I'd like to pick up the kuhl, I'm local here in Spokane. PM Sent.

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