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It's that time of year...

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by boarder4life81, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. boarder4life81

    boarder4life81 Eugene, Oregon Active Member

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    It's that time of year when state law makers have started filing paperwork for re-election. That means it's time for good replacements to start filing to challenge and defeat them. Personally, I'm tired of seeing (some of) these candidates run unopposed at any point in the election year (mid-term or primary). Obviously it would be great to see the gun control front-men (Prozanski and Burdick) get outed, but lets not forget that it's the silent candidates that merely fall in line behind party agendas that we need to pressure. These are the candidates that may think they are safe because they never took the front-line on gun control issues, but when the vote came around they followed suit with their fellow party, we were one vote away from a cluster of bad bills passing the Senate. Let's see this be the toughest re-election year for any incumbent that voted in favor of these recent bad bills.
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  2. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner You'll Never Know Well-Known Member

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  3. tkdguy

    tkdguy Portland, Oregon Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    I'd be glad to heavily support a challenger.
  4. U201491

    U201491 Well-Known Member

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    It is also that time of year to keep a very close eye on our state legislators agendas on a daily basis. You can subscribe to their alerts on a daily basis that will outline the planned agendas. Right now they have one on LE and school shooting response. You can bet the anti gun agenda is soon to come.
    Here is the site I use, but also goes to the full site.


    A subcribe service is available to get them sent to you daily is available. Use it, Be alert. The cockroaches are out again.