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It's coming folks - Bloomberg wants private mental health records

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PiratePast40, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. PiratePast40

    PiratePast40 Willamette Valley Well-Known Member

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    Just saw him this morning on Face the Nation. He says that getting mental health records from private doctors is a problem, and we need to fix that. He goes on to say that in areas where there are universal background checks for every transaction, there are fewer gun deaths. No talk whatsoever about the SB tragedy being equal use of knives and guns.

    Be aware of the coming tide!
  2. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    Sadly, the sheeple WILL fall for this one. I need to wake as many folks up as I can to help stop this crap.
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  3. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf SE Portland Well-Known Member

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    him and his armed army first.. and every single union thug.. every single one would then be fired, as is proper
  4. jefe

    jefe Portland Active Member

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    what annoys me most, is something that everybody in the media and in the political realm seems to ignore: DUE PROCESS. of course, given that one of the latest democrat/liberal complaints that i keep hearing is about how felons cannot vote, i wonder if the democrats will seek out a way to dictate whether a person keeps or loses ANY RIGHT without DUE PROCESS of the law.

    (depending on the state) a felon has lost his/her right to vote AND to own firearms, and these rights should only be restricted or reinstated via DUE PROCESS of the law.

    the fight isn't about "mental health records," but is rather an issue of whether or not a person should be entitled to DUE PROCESS before losing one's right to keep and bear arms.
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    YOURSUPREMECOMMANDER Raleigh Hills, Or. Active Member

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    Please define what a "mentally healthy" person is? This is a very slippery slope. Very Orwellian.
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