Ithaca lever acton shotgun

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    Ithaca Lever action break open single shot 20 ga shotgun. Bluing is 90 percent or better. reciever is painted not blued, and some paint is rubbed off. best i can find out about this thing is it was made late 60s early 70s. I havent shot it. I got it as part of a package deal for another rifle i wanted. I dont need this and have no room in the safe for it. pm here or email if you send me a number i can call ASAP.

    For trades, I am looking for:
    Colt, Kimber, STI, Les Baer, Wilson Combat
    AR10, AR15 or some type of 308 utility
    Browning 308 lever
    into all kinds of hand guns....
    or if you have a quad, dirtbike, dual sport, utility trailer, car trailer or???

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