WTS OR Italian Switchblade, 13" Stainless Steel, AKC made

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    A very large Italian Switchblade, 13" open, 7 1/8" closed. Bayonet style, Stainless Steel blade. AKC, made in Italy.
    Excellent European quality Stiletto. This has brass lined bolsters and liners. Button opening and bolster pivoting closure. The scales are plastic pearlescent green. Very striking and not often encountered.
    Always stored open to avoid compression of spring. Very strong opening!
    There is one blemish. In last picture see a small crack from pin to edge of scale. This in no way detracts from function and is difficult to see unless you are looking for it.


    Ruger switch 045.JPG

    Ruger switch 046.JPG

    Ruger switch 047.JPG

    Ruger switch 048.JPG

    Ruger switch 049.JPG

    Ruger switch 050.JPG

    Ruger switch 051.JPG

    Ruger switch 052.JPG

    Ruger switch 053.JPG

    Ruger switch 054.JPG
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