Italian Government Sues Armalite Over David Statue AR-501A Pic

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 4Freedom, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Wow, this article just blew me away.. I guess the Italian government now has finally found a cause worth fighting for.. Maybe, they ought to sue the Olive Garden next for defaming their Italian cuisine with their inferior American versions of pasta, lasagna and pizza.

    Seriously, how can they possibly copyright a work of art?? If they could legitimately sue Armalite for altering the picture of an ancient work of art, wouldn't they also be able to sue people for almost anything related to history, art or any other cultural icon they claim is their possession?

    I also would think that the Italian government should not have any real claim over the masterpiece.. It is public domain as far as I can tell.. Just because the Italians possess the piece doesn't make the Italian government the official owners of Michelangelo's work or the authorities on who can display pictures of it or even modify pictures of the statue. This is just ludicrous.

    I don't even know where to begin.. I sure hope Armalite sues the Italian government for infringing on its freedom of expression.

    Next you know, all of Italian history will be copyrighted and we will not be allowed to comment or display pictures of any type of artifact with historical significance. This battle seems to be one even greater than just between Armalite and the Italians..
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    I agree, you don't need permission to use classical music in an ad or Mona Lisa's face on a coffee mug. I've traveled quite a bit and have always passed on Italy. In the 1960's Italy was pretty cool, Sophia Loren and those
    risqué movies and all but now who needs them? I'm not in love with Berettas either come to think of it!
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    I think they should be relieved that someone is finally covering up "little* David"

    * and by little I mean teeny wienie
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    Somebody should remind them that we kicked their tail in WWII ! Shut up and get back to making wine!!!!!

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