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MARS (Multi-Purpose Aiming Reflex System) red dot/laser,
Like new condition - comes with Case and Manual
(Israeli mil)MARS optic .3 MOA dot/ red laser
Optics & Sensors
Magnification 1x
Sight exit aperture 25mm
Reflex dot diameter 0.3mRad (about 1” @ 100m)
Parallax <0.2mRad at infinity
Light transmission 85% for photopic response
Red dot compensation Automatic, dynamic range = 1:10,000
Dot intensity control, OFF, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, VERY LOW
5 positions (NVGs)
Optical distortion 0.5o angular deviation of parallel light beams
through the sight
Laser Pointers
Red 650nm, 1.0 mW, Class 2 (IEC 825-1)
IR (optional) 850nm, 0.4 mW, Class 1 (IEC 825-1)
**restricted to law enforcement and military only
Beam divergence 0.5mRad
Zeroin g
Adjustment Reflex sight and pointing lasers adjusted
with one operation
• Reflex sight, solid prism not holographic
• Quick release mount on Picatinny rail
• Easy zeroing of Reflex Sight and Laser with single adjustment
• Coated optics without glare or corona affect in the sight window
• Undetectable aiming dot with NVGs from the front
• Replaces multiple “bolt on” components
• World-wide military and law enforcement usage
Weight 15.2oz. with battery and cable
Dimensions 4.9in (L), 1.7in (W), 3.4in (H)
Adapter Picatinny rail
Power Source Single 1.5V “AA” battery
Reflex Sight operation 200hr continuous
Laser pointer 10,000 operations of 5 sec each
Low voltage warning @ 1V ±0.1V, non-interfering with
sight operation
Laser switch lifetime Min 40,000 operations
Environm ental MIL STD 810F
Temperature Range -20o C to +55o C
Humidity 95% at +70o C
Thermal shock -20o C to +70o C
Immersion 1m, 30min.
Salt fog, dust and sand
Altitude 15,000ft-50,000ft (non-operating)
Shock 30g for 11ms

5.56, 6.8, 5.45x39. 7.62x39 production rifles.
Custom AR15, AR10, AR12 Highpower match rifles. 6BR, 6BRX, 6.5BR, 6.5x47, 6x47, .308, 260, 7mm-08,

$875 .... the only trade I'm interested in for now is a Kimber Ultra Aegis II (9mm)

I will also be posting the Kriss Super V 45 Cal it was on...
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