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Israeli Battle Dressings (IBD)

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by OFADAN, May 9, 2009.


    OFADAN Brownsville, OR Well-Known Member

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    In Stock: The BEST Emergency Dressing in the World!

    Now issued to the US Military, LEO and used around the world during a crisis and emergencies. OFA and www.OFAGEAR.com are NW Distributors...so when dealers are out of stock we have plenty!

    Bandages are designed so they can be applied with one hand and just about any location on a human body. A bandage, pressure bandage, tourniquet, sling, liquid seal, and more built into one package.

    Bandages come in 4", 6" and the 9" for larger or abdominal wounds. Keep one in your Cargo Pant pocket, back pack, BUG out Bag, car, truck, home, camper, boat...everywhere!

    Today the Emergency Bandage is being sold to military and governmental organizations worldwide, with 75% in the USA (US Army, US Air Force, Marines and Navy) and the remaining 25% in Europe, Israel and the Far East. The following are examples of who issues the IBD in the USA.

    US Army Rangers
    Dept. of Defense
    US Air Force
    Naval Special Warfare
    Underwater Construction Team
    US Coast Guard

    Order Directly at WWW.OFAGEAR.COM


    Here is what John Farnam says about this bandage:

    11 Mar 05

    On the treatment of gunshot wounds, from a friend who just returned from a tour in Country: "The 'Israeli Battle Dressing' is THE answer to treating gunshot wounds. Built in pressure and tourniquet. Quick and slick. We used a bunch of them.

    Comment: I keep IBDs in my briefcase, range bag, cars, and office. All my children have them and know how to use them. Cheap insurance!

    18 Dec 06

    My colleague and ER surgeon, Doc Gunn, answers a nagging question about treating trauma in the field:

    "In the case of a gaping wound, many advocate first stuffing something into it that will act as a matrix for blood to fill and then clot. The method is
    known as 'DPDP' (Deep Packing w/Deep Pressure). By stuffing the wound full of gauze, you will necessarily apply pressure directly to wounded tissues, thus controlling bleeding better, at least in theory, than via pressure on the surface alone.

    The problem is, when the packing is subsequently disturbed and/or dislodged, an eventuality difficult to prevent in the field, bleeding will resume. As with all 'probing' of wounds, particularly in the field, you may well make matters worse. You're throwing the dice!

    A better plan is to quickly apply IBD(s) over the wound and use it/them to pull injured tissues together. Blood will fill open spaces, and clot. Then, you need to get him to a surgeon and an ER, as there is little more you can do.

    27 Nov 07

    Sage advice from Doc Gunn:

    "Apparently, football player, Sean Taylor, died yesterday as a result of at least one close-range gunshot (pistol) wound to his upper thigh. The
    bullet(s) struck his femoral artery. By the time he got to the ER, blood loss was catastrophic. This is a classic example of a death that was probably preventable via the simple/aggressive application of an IBD, as we teach in our Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds Course."

    Comment: Unfortunately, no one at the scene knew what to do, nor did they have a legitimate trauma kit handy. These are life-saving skills that should be well known to every Operator. Some GSW deaths are not preventable, but most are!



  2. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    This is a brilliant and simple design. Got any of the the quik-clot bandages to go with them?