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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by deen_ad, Dec 24, 2012.

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    after years of Israel saying they stopped school shootings by arming their teachers and allowed students to bring their weapons to school (with numerous pictures to back it up) they are saying NO, they didn't.

    Here's a story on it:

    And here's a picture that refutes it:

    Looks like the Isrealies are trying to re-write history just like our "president".
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    The picture of the women with the rifle is guarding a group of kids from a daycare out on a field trip.
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    And, as usual, the writer of that article got a lot of his facts wrong. Adam Lanza didn't use "automatic weapons" - he used semi-autos. He also said that we can buy without background checks from dealers - which is a lie. It's another anti-gun hit piece. And one or two school shooting by a terrorist in Israel vs. how many school shootings by disgruntled students or other mentally unstable people here in the US does go to show that armed guards in schools stop tragedies. I don't think the armed guards at the school would stop a would-be murderer and say "are you a terrorist? No? Okay, enjoy your random shooting spree Mr. Murderer." Rather, they would intervene and shoot the jackass in the face and stop the killer in his tracks.

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