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Hello all! I acquired this rifle in an auction a few months ago and have since found out that it has quite the story behind it. The rifle is a mix master build thrown together with a variety of parts including some DP parts.

The good:
- The bore is in excellent condition and retains strong rifling. (I tried to get good pictures but they don't really do it justice.)
- The reciever is one of the latest if not the current holder of the latest known production to retain a cutoff slot in the reciever. (According to some of the Lee Enfield groups I have been put in contact with)
- Most non-DP parts are in good shape.

The Bad
- The screw in the cocking piece has been sheered off and will need to be replaced. Bolt otherwise looks good and still functions fine.
- While notable to a collector there is a good chance the reciever is worn out. A variety of bolts have been tried and all fit somewhat loosely within the reciever and pop off the track with very little effort by hand.
- remaining wood contains several small cracks that need to be repaired.

Would make a decent wall hanger, fixer, or can just be broken down for parts.

Can ship if desired (buyer pays) but it will be my first time shipping a firearm so it may be a little slow getting out.

Asking $200 O.B.O.

20210905_110801.jpg 20210905_110654.jpg 20210905_110650.jpg 20210905_110644.jpg 20210905_110632.jpg 20210905_110626.jpg 20210905_110602.jpg 20210905_110556.jpg 20210905_110506.jpg
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