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Is this where we're headed?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by twoclones, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. twoclones

    twoclones Tri-Cities, WA Well-Known Member

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    NEW national gun laws will outlaw imitation firearms unless shooters hold a special licence to own them.

    The move follows a series of attacks using replica guns.

    A 10-year-old boy allegedly robbed a Hunter Valley video store with a replica gun two months ago.

    Two masked men with replica firearms robbed a fast food outlet in Padstow last month and a 77-year-old driver was robbed of his wallet in Manly by a teenager who was also brandishing a replica gun.

    Criminals have been importing imitation firearms from other states, modifying them and using them to commit crimes in NSW.

    NSW Police Minister Michael Daley said new national minimum standards affecting the possession, penalties and safe storage of imitation firearms were at a meeting in Perth yesterday.

    Mr Daley said ministers were now pressing the Federal Government to consider introducing an offence covering the unlawful trafficking of imitation firearms across Australian borders.
  2. TonsOfOregonBrass

    TonsOfOregonBrass Sandy, OR Active Member

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    I don't doubt this is the direction we will be heading.

    This is a good example of criminals taking what ever tools are available to them to commit there crimes.

    The main problem i see with taking away toy guns is all the criminals will just grab knifes. I know this is preaching to the choir. we all know bad people will do bad things no matter what tools are available to them.
  3. NoAim

    NoAim Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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  4. 56kninja

    56kninja Portland Member

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    I don't think it is, for a while. Majority of americans still blame the people that commit crimes and not the weapons (or faux weapons) that they use to commit them.