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    Published on Nov 19, 2012
    After listening to the Hoss USMC rant about the wounded warrior Project shunning the firearms industry now updated to the entire weapons industry knives included. I thought I would do a little research of my own. So I took the Hoss advice and listen to gun talk podcast where the CEO of the wounded warrior Project was interviewed. Here is a link to that interview.
    ( guntalk's Podcast... )
    I could not believe it! Yes I really could believe it because I have had dealings with these so-called highly educated CEOs before. In this interview you will hear a perfect example of double talk. In essence the wounded warrior Project will accept money from anyone but they will not acknowledge it if it comes from anything to do with any type of weaponry or Second Amendment freedom. I invite you to look at the CEOs biography by following this link:
    ( Home - Wounded Warrior Project... )
    you will notice at the bottom of his biography he was educated as a lawyer in Brooklyn New York, the heart of anti-gun anti-Second Amendment Lib tard rhetoric.
    After further investigation of the company I found that they were very very top heavy in management expense. According to Charity Navigator , WWP allocates 55 percent of its revenue to program expenses and 44.8 percent to fundraising and administrative expenses. So in essence nearly half of the money donated to the wounded warrior Project goes to administrative salaries and perks.
    The CEOs salary is $319,692 which does not sound like much but when you consider that is what he terms in to the IRS it means it is less his expenses. So in essence all his first-class airfare meals hotel suites including any maid service, parties that he throws, all written off before the actual salary. Much like the president of the United States only makes $400,000 per year but this does not include Air Force One and all the other crap that are the perks
    there are other charities that 94% of their income goes to wounded warriors perhaps you should give them a look. Marine Parents is one such organizations, they started out being for the US careens but have expanded to cover all services and they are perfectly willing to cosponsor with any firearms organization. ( A Place to Connect & Share(tm) for Marine Parents Moms Dads Wives Family Members )
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    I do not know if that is true, but I know this is true:

    Operation Freedom Paws


    Service dogs free for veterans in need of one. The trainer is ex Army K9 trainer and she has no fancy office, and depends upon donations, grants and volunteers.

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    Is anyone really surprised that WWP's admin costs are so high?

    One of the good (safe) ways to get affluent is to create a non-profit that caters to a fetish. In this case, they cater to the milshame/idolatry fetish.

    I hope the paltry sum they use to help people is used to great benefit.

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