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Answered Is there a Classic Look Option?

I'm sure I am in the minority but I'm sorry to say that I do not care for the new look and feel of the forum. Fonts are smaller and there is a lot more crammed on a page now, making it much harder to visually separate the posts and threads shown on the main pages. There are so many conflicting colors all over the pages that it makes it hard to pick out information as well. Within the Handgun Classifieds, the state the ad is from is missing on most of the ads, so you have to click on them to find out where the gun is being sold. I think it's trying to look like Gunbroker or something but I'd much rather know what state the gun is being sold in like it use to be.

I've seen this so many times when a forum tries to make to many changes all at once and changes the whole reader experience and makes it less enjoyable. For me, that is the case here, so far, the new look and feel is just not as enjoyable as it was and if I could, I would go back to the old look.


Joe Link

There's also a new Font Size option in your Preferences. I can't guarantee the increased font size won't cause fitment issues on the screen but play around with it in and see :)

I don't care for the font, at least not the thread display fonts, especially the thread titles, for some reason it is harder to read - and no I don't need to make it bigger - that is very easily done in any browser (Ctrl-+).

I will probably get used to it. :(



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