Is the present inflationary economy changing anything with your preparations?

  • Yes, this is a major factor I/we are addressing. Things are looking bad.

    Votes: 4 6.9%
  • It is a concern and has impacted some significant decisions.

    Votes: 17 29.3%
  • Kinda-sorta. More an annoyance at this point, but concerned.

    Votes: 23 39.7%
  • Not really, though I've noticed.

    Votes: 6 10.3%
  • Nope, no real changes to speak of.

    Votes: 7 12.1%
  • Um, eh, wut? Is inflation whatcha git when u had too much beans?

    Votes: 1 1.7%

  • Total voters
Not for me. I'm on the lookout for anything on sale I might want as It may never be that cheap again. One more lockdown or major event and I feel like it'll be early 2020 all over, but twice the price.
Nothing really needs to be added or changed in my opinion.

Spend less, go less places. That’s not that big of a deal as that has always been the MO.

We like food and that is where a food portion of our monthly budget goes. We have noticed the changes in prices in most things. We have been trying to discover new recipes and such that take advantage of less expensive foods. Tried a lentil and rice dish for the second time tonight. Turned it really good.

This works well. Tapatio Sauce sprinkled on top is best if you can handle it. Otherwise Taco Bell Mild. $62 cents per Burrito.
No. Not inflation.

The fact that I am retired and on a fixed income that is one third of what I made employed is what has cut down on all my discretionary spending.
I hear this loud and clear! Here in our area of Colorado food prices are sky-rocketing- along with gasoline. Gonna have to do something about that- we already try to buy on sale and stockpile a bit. I do SO hate gardening since I was a field-slave in the family garden when young. Will bite the bullet this year tho- I have the space set up and deer-proofed as best I can, and Dawg can be trusted to escort any stray mulies off the premises... I may yet thank my ol Dad for all that unwanted gardening experience!
I hear this loud and clear! Here in our area of Colorado food prices are sky-rocketing- along with gasoline.
Instead of 300-400 miles per week (commuting into Portland and back home), often an hour each way, I now go into Tigard/Beaverton once every three weeks, and do some errands (mostly grocery shopping) while I am there. Sometimes I go into town to do something else (pick up something on sale, etc.). So maybe 50-100 miles per month. So instead of filling up an almost empty tank once a week, I fillup a half to three-quarters full tank once a month or so.

Even at $5 per gallon this has cut way down on what I spend on gas. Unfortunately it hasn't cut down on what I spend on insurance and tags - although I did reduce my full coverage down to liability only so that helped there.

I do NOT miss my commute. It was exhausting and expensive.
do not use Mexican Chrizo.. its not remotely the same.
So true. Bought Mexican chorizo once, 50% fat, 50% stuff unrecognizable as meat. Cooked it, looked at the result, threw it out.

May have said, "not worried" if I answered in the first go 'round months ago. Now facing two of three most stressful life circumstances ATM, and yeah, inflation factors into decisions. I swore off buying more guns, but dammit if I didn't buy another shotgun yesterday....
I swore off buying more guns, but dammit if I didn't buy another shotgun yesterday....

It's OK. Be True To Who You Are..... :)
I still want a Mossberg 930 SPX, but that will have to wait.

The ridiculous prices of guns has just p* me off, this is my slowest year for gun buying, maybe ever. I currently have no plans to buy any guns and might even sell 2-3.
Kinda worried, but with the stock pile we have built up pre covid, were prolly a lot better off then most. Cut WAY back on the driving, We can walk to the store with a push buggy, even take one of the Newf's and his big cart if needed, got plenty of fuel for the genny, and propane for the bbq. several gallons of lantern oil and stove fuel for when the fire season kicks off and the Gov'ness doesn't do Jack Squat about it, so i'm expecting power outages and other issues. The City is supposed to be addressing our water main issues and supply lines to the home, so we should be able to see a pretty good boost in volume and pressure, and I have laid in several hundred gallons of water in barrels for the eventual crap water that we seem to get every summer now! Out side of all that, if food gets really scarce or super expensive, I have places to go where I'm likely going to be the ONLY dude hunting and fishing, so I plan to do what's needed to keep me and mine fed and healthy! We have a small "Victory Garden" including several rows of hanging planters and we have the first of the seasons plantings in the ground, so fresh veggies shouldn't be a major issue, unless we get the bad fires again, and the smoke and ash damages take out a good chunk of our growings! I have plans for that, just need to finish stocking up on the parts needed to cover the crops and keep all the smoke and ash out! Were down to using JUST the Sprinter for running errands, it's the most efficient rig we own, and it's also the biggest cargo space, so the idea is to maximize the trips to make it all worth the higher cost of buying needed things! The Water purification systems are all ready to go, the genny gets exercised a couple times per month, and everything seems ready to go, but I cant help but think there's still holes in the system that I haven't found, and that's got me up at night!

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