Is my CCW still valid?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Kellen, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Kellen

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    I moved to Idaho from Washington on 22 Nov. A week later I got my Idaho drivers license then applied for my Idaho CCW. They say it will take 3 months to get my CCW to me. Idaho honors a WA permit, but I can still carry with my WA permit when I no longer have a WA ID?
  2. Cougfan2

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    I don't know the law on this so you should check with someone who does, but I would think you might be in a bit of a pickle if you are stopped in WA and produce an ID drivers license and a WA resident carry permit. I would encourage you to apply for a non-resident WA carry permit as soon as possible. They aren't hard to get and the process doesn't take too long. I am an OR resident and had no problem getting a non-resident WA permit.
  3. TonsOfOregonBrass

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    One of the draw backs of national carry not passing. got to love the patchwork of laws.

    I would ask an ID and Washington sheriff. Only when they aren't busy. There usually carry a pocket law book that has a lot of the revised statutes. Or go to a library and look it up, or pay a lawyer to answer for you.

    I would not trust my old CCW permit from another state to be honored in my new state. Best advise i could give is don't conceal until you get your ID permit.
  4. Arkitek

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    What was the process to obtain the non-resi permit...I still have a home there and would like to carry legal when visiting...can you do it online or by reciprocity with an Oregon CHL?
  5. JAFO

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    Washington does not have a non-resident CPL. They just issue a CPL to residents or non-residents. It is valid until the expiration. You can go to a WA sheriffs office and get a change of address replacement for like $10 but it is not required. They do suggest you notify DMV of any change of address immediately though. When you go to the DOL web site to do the change of address you can email them and ask and they will give you the same answer I just did. :D

    As far as ID accepting the WA CPL now that you are an ID resident it is completely up to their codes/statutes/laws. I am not familiar with them.

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