Is Larch Mountain in oregon open for hunting?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by zug, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Hey everyone im 27 and have been hunting for about 11 years now off and on and i am trying to branch out and look for new hunting spots.. I have yet to kill anything because usually i have been more interested in just being out in the woods enjoying nature, family and friends with a if i get one then good but im fine if not attitude. This year i think im going to try a little harder and actually put in some time looking for a good spot to beat the bush.. I heard you could hunt up on larch mountain from my neighbor and i tried calling around and no one could tell me if it was open to hunting or not.. Just wondering if anyone has hunted up there or knows for sure if it is open to rifle hunting..

    I normally just hunt way up top of brownscamp because i have been riding there since i was little so i know it very well but its becoming more crowded with people and after getting shot at while hunting last year i took browns camp off the list of hunting spots.. I have tried forest grove hand full of times with no luck but that is about it.. I am clueless when it comes to spots to hunt, i know people dont want to give away there honey hole but any advice on good safe places to hunt i would be grateful..

    I hunt with a 30/30 just thought i would throw that out there :)
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    If it's national forest, it's open. Check the ODF&W hunting rules and regs. for info on species and season dates zug. The area your inquiring about is the Santiam unit. To the west of the Sandy river is the Willamette unit. Many areas that are owned by private timber corps. are also open. Also take a look at the upper Clackamas river area. The areas to the north and south of the river are good choices. The white river unit offers some excellent opportunities, but you need to be cognizant of boundaries and which areas are lottery draw tags.
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    I bagged a buck 1.5 hours into opening day about 5 miles North of Timothy Lake off NFR-58

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