Do I have a problem?

Has anyone else had more than one AR project going and find yourself starting to get lost about which rifle has what and it's designated purpose? Which receiver has what and which upper/s it's intended for, may be used on... and which it's not? Confused about what you still need for completion and find yourself with too many of another you really don't need?

One rifle get's a component bumped/replaced.. which sets off a domino affect down your line-up, which then may require ordering in more shtuffs (or multiples) to upgrade other components/capabilites to better match up with the upgrade from it's big brothers hand-me-downs?

...that get's you even "more" lost about where your at in the overall scheme.

I found myself having a bright idea! Get organized and spreadsheet it! The only problem with that.. about half way through I had to stop and ask, "WTBubble am I doing!? This is just a side hobby... not a "job!""

It got me to wondering if I might have an addiction problem. Warning sign #1: Questioning yourself.

I was quick to tell myself, "Nah... I'm getting older. It's just a memory aide and perfectly normal." But then it hit me. Warning sign #2: Justifying your addiction.

I could go down the list of other warning signs, but I have to admit... I'm a little afraid.

OHhh crap!! Denial and Aversion!!

Is "ARAA" a thing? SHOULD it be???

(Breaks over. Back to the spreadsheet!) :s0140:
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I have no idea what your talking about!

DSC_0646.JPG 20170507_023355.jpg

Wouldn't it actually need to be ARA? :s0092:
AA - Alcoholic Anonymous
ARAA - Assault* Rifle Alcoholic Anonymous
ARA - Assault* Rifle Anonymous

* Yes I know it is Armalite
Yes, I'm in agreement with ya, but it should be plural... Armalite Rifles Anonymous... cuz "AA" is actually Alcoholics Anonymous, yunno...

And anyone who's a member in good standing of ARA is, by definition, gonna have more than one... ;)
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