Is a 375 H&H REALLY overkill?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by aknomad, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I've heard a lot of talk about the "best all around caliber." Many people say that the 375 H&H is great for big game but would be overkill for smaller game such as white tailed deer, wild boar, smaller sheep, ect. However, isn't overkill only in reference to shot placement? Why not rely on head shots for deer, boar, ect when hunting with a 375? In Alaska (as I'm sure it is in many other places) we tend to go hunting for big game and, if we have no luck, shoot smaller game on our last day of the trip. Many times we truly DO have one rifle that needs to be an all around caliber. If you don't see that grizzly or that elk, deer or dull sheep it is (depending on your tags and where you're at). Thoughts on this?
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    I have 2, .375 H&H Magnums. A Winchester Super Express, and a Browning A-Bolt Medallion Grade with BOSS. The .375 H&H has the range of a .30-06 with proper bullets, and the accuracy of a .308. Depending on what you're hunting with it, there are bullets avaliable in most every weight and configuration to suit your needs. Recoil is manageable, and the guns themselves are not overly heavy. The caliber, while heavy for deer, is not in itself overkill. For bears, elk, and moose, it's just the ticket. The cartridge has been around for a long time, and it will be here long after we have all dissolved into dust. The reason is it's versatility, popularity, and accuracy.
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    Are you going hunting in Africa? Are you going hunting in Alaska? If you are then yes, it is the most logical caliber for these worldwide destinations. In Africa (which I have never been) it is easily recognized as "the" caliber for everything from duiker to water buffalo. In Alaska there is no better gun for bears and moose. In the US I would never feel undergunned of overgunned for any game that walks! Overkill? There is only one state of dead and meat damage is only a function of the type of bullets used not the diameter of the bullets!.......... It is the minimum caliber allowed for buffalo and dangerous game in Africa..........enough said!! .02
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    Depends on what you call overkill. I agree with Billt that the trajectory of the 375 H&H can match typical 30-06 loads. His comment about matching the accuracy of the .308 confuses me as the most accurate rifle I ever owned was a 30-06, but we can suffice it to say the 375s can be accurate enough for any range which they may be used.
    I have a Ruger 375. It's basically the twin of the 375 H&H and will produce slightly higher velocities especially from shorter barrels. I have carried, but not used, it for deer and elk. I believe that bullet selection and bullet placement will decide if it's overkill or not. Use a light for caliber bullet at close range, shoot a deer or elk in the front shoulder and I think you will have a dead animal and waste a bunch O meat. Poke that bullet thru the ribs behind the shoulder and you will have a dead animal! Dead is dead.

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