IRS Purchasing New Shotguns (Link from Drudge)

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by whatzhizname, Feb 3, 2010.

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    I remember when I was a kid that there was a HUGE uproar about IRS agents sportin' firearms during property seizures and whatnot (late 70's early 80's) and basically acting like little a-holes because they could... (anyone see the movie, Harry's War?) I think about that time they pulled the reins in on IRS agents, although the IRS does maintain an armed "department" for certain actions.

    I looked at the link you posted, and the request for 60 shotguns... not exactly enough to equip a small army nation-wide, but most likely to refresh an existing arms room inventory somewhere in the DC area.
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    Yeah... tax collectors, or "Revenue Officers," are now completely forbidden from carrying any type of weapon. They get police escorts on dangerous calls. They used to use all sorts of strongarm tactics against th' proverbial little old ladies, but Congress reined 'em in back in 1997. Now, 95% of what they do is collecting payroll taxes from business owners who withhold them from their employees' paychecks but then use the money to pay operating expenses instead of sending it to the treasury.

    An individual taxpayer who owes nothing but income tax (as opposed to payroll tax or one of the other rare and strange taxes the IRS collects) won't deal with a Revenue Officer unless he/she owes more than $100k - until then, it's just the collections department.

    IRS Special Agents investigate criminal tax evasion, and are armed just like all other federal investigators. Well, less than all other federal investigators - since the agents are just accountants with pistols, the IRS turns to other agencies (local police departments or the FBI) when it looks like they might be facing anything more dangerous than a crying dentist or a mean-looking dog.
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    Hopefully some IRS people mistake the shotguns for binaca dispensers

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