IRS is scared of what :)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by U201491, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Hmmm, a forthcoming financial "haircut" in the next year or two?...

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    I can believe that Breitbart was murdered and hastings, perhaps, but Tom Clancy? Regardless of how much of this is fact vs speculation there certainly is mounting evidence that rougher times are ahead. Now the National Weather Service is armed???

    The beauty is..... there are many, many folks who still hold to their oath. Far more than these bubble gummers are aware of.

    Brutus Out
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    This June I went to the Social Security office in Needles CA with my sister after her husband had died. The TWO security guards at the door made me take my Leatherman off and back to the car before I could come in. Glad I wasn't packing, I might have made the news.
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    The IRS is not scared. Just preparing for the financial collapse and rebellion of the sheep (which in reality will be pathetic). It is all around you. That is what the militarization of the police is about, why billions of rounds of ammo is being gobbled up by DHS. Why there is a camera every 75'. Why your mobile phone is tracking your every step.

    Not a big mystery here. While the sheep are steeped in denial about what is coming, gov is fully aware. It simply wants to dominate, to survive. The sheep are just saying baaaah and hoping the status quo, the debt bubble living standard, can continue. It can't. The sheep can ignore reality but not the consequences of ignoring reality. Normalcy Bias kills.

    Entity #1 - government is AWARE and ready. Entity #2 - the flock are deluded and unprepared, subdued and pacified by the government/banker controlled media. Simple as that.

    A transition to an open police state w/ full on tyranny. No more delusions about 'freedoms' - inc the 2A - and what not.

    The Clandestine Empire will pull back the curtain so to speak. Of course it is better to have slaves that falsely believe they are free because there is no need for barb wire, no need for cages. It was nice for them while it lasted. The play acting of 'voting' and politics could only last so long. Perhaps at some point the sheep will realize that all of that was fake posturing to give them the false illusion of choice; of freedom. Nah, their pride will still rule the day.

    When the mobster comes around to collect his cut and you spit in his eye there is a price to pay -
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    Even the scale masters in Montana are being armed. Guess they are worried about those mean truck drivers.
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