For the record, I did not shame nor demeanor this women. Our only words were her asking when LE would arrive, I replied I didn’t know what their backlog is and they didn’t say. She said ok and waited patiently. I went back to work…It’s not my responsibility to send the message either, some people are good at conveying a constructive message with good intent, it wasn’t on my radar and I’m not loosing sleep over it. I’m not handing over a loaded weapon to anyone just because they say so, half of you already stated you would, I pray we don’t share the same shooting spaces. To the posters wondering if I highjacked her gun, I have no problem retuning goods to customers, we have items turned in everyday, and handle these matters regularly. I also handle drug addicts and drunks that become irate out of no where, you know the ones you see on you tube videos going bezerk? So I’m always on alert, tending to the flock and looking for wolves. Today my employees were safe and the customers where safe, she will probably get some advice from her circle of friends after she repeats what happened today, and hopefully they have good advice that she can easily absorb from someone she is comfortable talking with rather then trying to take it in after you misplace your weapon and are probably a little frazzled. I’m sure she will be ok, I’m home safe, it was a good day! Btw she never asked for it and understood the circumstances. If I had a person badgering me to return a weapon found on-site at my store, they can kick rocks till the LE shows up, I’m not the one to determine legalities, that’s the PO’s job, it’s what they do, saying I wasted the time of an officer who’s job description is to do exactly that is next level stupid in my opinion, again opinions don’t matter. Have a safe holiday, make some memories and be kind!
Dirty 30 out!
Certainly not the first time a pistol was left in a public toilet. Happened right here in River City, at a local BK, and the losee turned out to be a local LE officer. It was his hidden "back-up" weapon.
In said scenario, I personally would own a new firearm....When she came back and asked about it, there would be a bunch of huhs? and what's? going on.

And it ain't gonna tug itself....

Wrong. And if I had two, I'd be a movie star.
Keeping it would amount to theft of a firearm, ESPECIALLY if she reported it stolen. Felony. No one might ever know, but YOU WOULD.
Well… you two done missed out yesterday! I let the relatives open my liquor cabinet. All of those bottles were given to me by clients, over the last two years.

View attachment 1318751
All of that and not one proper bourbon? Shame on you, Stomper!
I only have these two, but it's all for me. :s0059:


Before this I was a responsible gun owner today. Now I'm not packin and am enjoying a quiet evening.
How is that Amador? I haven't had the chance to try it.
Pretty good. I'm a freakin snob about the whiskeys I like. I do not like a corn finish. Amador has a little bit of a corn start, but then it fades to a charred taste. I don't catch much caramel like they say, but I rate it much higher than anything else that doesn't come from the "Turkey" line. (The minty/mentholy taste of the Wild Turkey bourbons light my fire) I've long been a fan of the Eagle Rare and I rate the Amador similarly. It was a gift so I don't know where it fits within a price point, but I like it.

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