iPhone 4 w/ Life Proof Case

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    New iPhone 4 (not S) that has been in a life proof case since it was taken out of the box.
    8gigabyte model, AT&T service provider. Color: Black.

    It hasn't been updated to the new IOS so you still have google maps, not the crazy apple craps maps. :thumbup:

    Comes with:
    -Life Proof Case
    -Belkin iPhone car adapter
    -box and misc stuff it came with like charging cable.

    Looking for:
    AK's, Glocks, High End AR accessories like Wilson Combat, Noveske, PWS, etc.
    SAIGAs in 5.45. surplus plum 5.45 magazines.
    18'' Mossberg 500 w/ standoff device (no other offers please).

    I can add cash if need be.
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